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About the first 5 official matches

Hello my dear readers,

Nottingham Forest story has been filled with the first matches in Championship and League Cup. To summarize, I can say that it’s quite decent beginning of my career in FM 2013. Here are the matches:

First 5 official matches of Nottingham Forest

All matches apart from the last one against Wolves were started with 4-4-2 formation presented in the last post:


Now I want to share some info about the matches one by one.

1. Bury - NF 1:2

League One club set 4-4-1-1 formation which turned out hard to beat. In spite of their squad weakness it was tough nearly equal game when its outcome was made by class of my players.

New Forest captain Danny Collins scored a header during his debut.

2.  NF  - Watford 2:0

It was my 4-4-2 against theirs. The first clear win that settled some optimism into me. I posted a couple of screenshots from the match at FM Crowd. Here you may also see twin-goals from Findley.

3. Peterborough - NF 2:2


Good but disappointing match against one of the weakest Championship teams. We had total advantage over the whole match and managed to get ourselves into 0:2 score. The first conceded goal was a mistake by young promising centre back Lascelles, the 2nd one - just FM 2013 beta bug. Then our comeback provided by the most experienced Forest footballers followed…

Peterborough played 4-1-2-1-2 wide diamond formation. It was comfortable for me to beat it.

4. NF - Burnley 1:3

Forest vs Burnley

The worst match for us of all five. Burney manager decided to take off ball possession using classic 4-5-1 tactic. When they were leading 0:1 and had serious advantage by shots on the 30th minute, I decided to try 4-2-3-1 backup tactics with 3 AMCs and Control strategy. It helped to break Burnley’s plans but uncovered flanks. Scoring once I got 2 more.

Though my backup tactics can be evaluated much because players are averagely familiar with it.

5. Wolves - NF 2:1 (extra time)

NF - Wolves

You see it was the most entertaining match by amount of dangerous moments. Wolves were more lucky during extra time but I am quite happy with the performance because Forest played against one of Championship favourites.

Wolves played 4-4-2 while I used 4-1-3-2 counter attack tactics (another backup one). Its tactical familiarity levels were almost the same as for my main 4-4-2. Forest midfield grabbed ball possession, however, they had not been making dangerous passes hitting long shots in almost all cases.

Tactic Familiarity Levels for main 4-4-2  tactics after 5 matches


Long shots problem

You have might noticed from the screen shots above that Nottingham Forest player produce too many long shots. All of them didn’t finished with a goal. Therefore I decided to bound everybody but one player who lurks outside area during corners, one of my MCs. To decrease long shot attempts, I have just made following settings in Player Instructions:

  • Long Shots set to Rarely.
  • Decreased Creative Freedom.
  • Creative Freedom of both wing backs set to absolute Little.

I also changed 4-4-2 to more attacking variant replacing Deep-Lying Forward with Poacher and Deep-Lying Playmaker with Advanced Playmaker.

Upcoming matches


Well tough away game versus Blackburn can decrease my players’ morale much if we don’t get a point there. Currently all Forest players have Okay morale level.  Every next match is interesting. Surely I can’t wait our derby with Derby :-)

By the way, I have been playing matches in Comprehensive view mode rarely changing it on Full match mode.

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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