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Q.P.R. Being in great form

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In spite of numerous information portions about Football Manager 2013 Q.P.R. story continues. As you remember the season start was seriously failed, and my club got overtaking role in the Premier League. January, February and half of March were nearly perfect in sense of results. Just 2 away draws in PL, all other matches were won.

14 matches: 11 wins, 2 draws, 1 loss

Played matches


Premier League

Premier League

But anyway you see my club has lost all chances to win the title this year. Arsenal is fantastic and doesn’t almost make mistakes loosing points. No-one of other PL is able to catch up the Gunners. This is why I am pretty happy with the kind of performance produced by QPR players at Emirates Stadium.

Tough Arsenal

Tough Arsenal

We got 1:1 draw quite confidently. I can’t say QPR had an advantage in this mage but higher possession against grand club with squad in Superb morale does matter.

Interesting that my former centre back Samir Breinburg helped QPR to equalize the score :)


The most significant victory in struggle for the 2nd league position was at Old Trafford. It raised morale level of all QPR players much. Read more at my FM Crowd blog:

Manchester United - Q.P.R. 2:3


Failed to win

Wolves is one of the most embarrassing opponents in FM 2012 for my Q.P.R. Once again they managed to take away points in the game that already seemed to won. Look at the head-to-head history against Wolves below. Every match against them is always problem for me independently of head coach they have. Weird, isn’t it?


Head-to-Head Wolves


Champions League

Squad strength of Benfica can’t be compared to my squad. Therefore I was pretty happy getting one of the weakest opponents in the 1st Knockout round. Suddenly Portugal team managed to grab 2:1 victory at home seizing penalty opportunity. It made me quite nervous because they hadn’t have an advantage in the first match.

So I was completely concentrated on winning the 2nd match. Luckily, my guys didn’t let down. Interesting that all 5 goals were scored by forwards what happens so rarely this season…

QPR - Benfica


Q.P.R. players


Worst players

My squad consists of many Brazilians and Argentineans who start understanding one another on pitch better and better. Winter newcomers - Jader, Hermes, Romulo - impressed me much. Especially Jader. I have never seen such a greatly performing goalkeeper. Well, his Reflexes attribute equals to 20… Meanwhile Hermes gave much to our defensive line. Now I feel I have the best defence in the world!

The successful series of results is not a fortuity. I made a significant squad change for the first eleven. I started to trust playmaker MC position to Oscar Rasmussen instead John Fleck because the latter got me bored with amount of inefficient long shots. This replacement resulted in higher amount of keen passes from midfield to forwards.


His name is Pachequinho

This striker was the best during the reported period. By attributes, he can be counted as the 5th or even the 6th Q.P.R. forward. However, Pachequinho managed to displace poorly performing Daniel Bazan from the first eleven.

He cannot boast very high shot accuracy. But 10 goals and 9 assists in 15(4) matches look impressing!


Shot stats



Upcoming matches

Upcoming games

At the moment I don’t know who will become an opponent in Champions League quarter final. Hopefully, it won’t be Barcelona.

Q.P.R. is still in FA Cup. Next game is going to be against our arch rivals Chelsea. The high morale level should help us to beat them. And if we do, then FA Cup is most likely in my hands. There are no more grand clubs in the tournament at quarter final stage.

As for Premier League, my target is to fight for the 2nd line in the table. Arsenal seems unstoppable and will win the title this year.


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