Monday, 17 September 2012

How Oscar buried his former club in Champions League

Hello my dear readers,
Another dramatic event happened in my Q.P.R. story, and I would like to tell about it right now. It’s Champions League quarterfinal between Q.P.R. and Lyon. We had already a tough encounter in CL against them one year ago. 
Head-to-head QPR Lyon
As you see it was lucky one for the Rangers due to away goal.
This year I started to prepare mentally for difficult matches after Q.P.R. had been drawn with Lyon once again.

The First Match

QPR - Lyon
Lyon had 4-2-3-1 classic formation with AML and AMR wingers. Thus I had to use my backup tactics with WBL and WBR applying Standard strategy to cover flanks from their pacey wingers.
The score had been changing like a swing during the match: 1:0, 1:2, 3:2. Unluckily, my team didn’t manage to score more goals having perceptible advantage. The players and quality of football produced by the them made me sure we won’t loose the 2nd match.

The Second Match

But my expectations were ruined.
The formations were the same as in the first game. The squads didn’t change much as well. Pay attention to the AMR position of Lyon where former QPR player Oscar is placed. He became a main actor in the performance.
Lyon  QPR
Oscar needed only 30 minutes to make 3:0 score. It was so disappointing to get the hat-trick from one of my favourites in former Q.P.R. squad that was used together with Supersonic tactics…  Luckily, in the 2nd half I managed to overcome the course of game by means of touchline shouts. More pressing and better getting ball forward resulted in one goal by Carlos Fierro.
In 3 minutes Q.P.R. was given a chance to equalize total 2-match score but fantastic Hugo Lloris made a great save. Later on even Pavel Mamaev’s red card doesn’t help the Rangers to move up the game to extra time…
Lyon wins
Watch below Oscar scored his 3 different goals:
1. From free kick;
2. Penalty;
3. After cross.

Oscar. Irony of fate.

Oscar's history
Oscar was one of the best Queens Park Ranges players. But I sold him due to usage of new Fluidity tactics with formation 3-1-3-3 that has no place for the Brazilian.
Suddenly he revenged me for that. Lady luck arranged a spiteful joke for me.
Well, it’s another season without winning Champions League… I feel Q.P.R. story has already too many dramatic events…
But I am still excited to blog for you,
Vitaliy Mokosiy

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