Monday, 17 September 2012

FM 2013 Director of Football

SI Games has published the new video with Miles talking about Director of Football in FM 2013.

Brief analysis

The new feature is aimed at a realism improvement for the new FM game. Directors of football exist in the real life, thus we should not be surprized by their addition into Football Manager 2013.

Another side of this feature is an automation of gaming process. You will be able to give many different instructions to your director of football:

- Hire or sack staff;

- Assign scouts;

- Bring youth players into the club;

- Work over club transfers and loans.

For now the last mentioned part of his job seems the most interesting. FM 2013 will give you an access to 3 new special lists in addition to a standard shortlist. Director of football will be able to help with them:

1. Transfer Targets.

Director of football will try to buy players you placed in this list.

2. Unwanted List.

Vica versa, he will try to do the best to sell unwanted players.

3. Development List.

And the most tasty one as for me! Director of football will search for clubs to get loaned out your youngsters. Thus the process of their development can become very efficient in the end.


So how do you like the new Director of Footbal role represented in Football Manager?

Will it be helpful personally for you?


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