Monday, 24 September 2012

FM 13 Videos: Competition Updates & Comparison

Hello my dear readers,

Two new FM 13 videos were published during my 4-day absence. I have watched them and would like to present some my reflections.

FM 13 Competition Updates

Those changes Miles talked in this video cannot be called major. Frankly speaking I was not really impressed. Though Competition Updates is just not so interesting topic to talk about. Anyway there are some small nice features that make Football Manager more realistic:

- 50% co-ownership deals;

- highly improved youth academy and reserve tournaments in England;

- some updates for all leagues including addition of Montreal Impact to MLS.


FM 13 Player & Staff Comparison

The video about comparison of players and staff in FM 13 made a greater impression. There we will have an opportunity to compare players looking onto difference between attributes’ values which is more convenient.

Selection of key attributes for role during comparison is another FM usability improvement I want to applaud SI Games for. Player positions comparison is not so significant feature but also nice new one.

Surely, the staff comparison is one of the most obvious features that could be expected to in Football Manager 2013. However it’s very pleasant to see SI Games took into account our ideas…

All previous FM 2013 announcements are listed here: Football Manager 2013.


The next post is going to be about Q.P.R. story where I still have to play 4 last matches in the season.

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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