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FA Cup and the 3rd position with 85 points

Hello dear readers,

At last season 9 is completed, and we can take a look at its results.

Latest matches

Champions League fatal quarterfinal against Lyon was already described by me in the previous QPR post:

How Oscar buried his former club in the Champions League

This is why I am not going to discuss it anymore and want to write some words about national tournaments.

Premier League

As you see the latest Premier League matches turned into series of 8 consecutive wins.  My defence managed to concede 1 goal only in all those games. But it was too late…:( Arsenal and Manchester United showed great consistency in gaining points as well. Therefore 85 resulting points by Q.P.R. are not enough for even grabbing the 2nd position in the league this season.

Interesting that last season's champions Man City is at the 5th line only.

Final table


FA Cup

In spite of another unlucky outcome in Premier League and Champions League, my team managed to win FA Cup. We had a weak opponent in the final at Wembley. Sheffield United represents an average club from Championship in my game. However my players created problems for themselves due to low shot accuracy. Just 5 shots on target with so large advantaged we had! It came out we had to participate in penalties where excellent concentration helped to escape inaccuracy.

FA Cup

On our way to this trophy we beat Chelsea.

FA Cup matches


If we take a look at the whole FA Cup history, we see it’s the 2nd trophy for Queens Park Rangers. It looks like a small but significant achievement because only Arsenal managed to take it twice in Football Manager 2012.

FA Cup winners


Q.P.R. players



I am happy with my current squad and the way they performed during the last part of the season. Newcomers Hermes and Jader became essential for Q.P.R. almost immediately. Moreover, Hermes completed the season with the highest average rating in the team - 7.31.

The best Q.P.R. player in this season is again Carlos Fierro. 36 goals and 11 assists in 43(4) matches. What else should be taken as an argument? Yes, he is MVP (most valuable player). Just look, how much stable Fierro was in the Premier League during the last 3 seasons:

Fierro in PL


Q.P.R. story is over

Perhaps it’s sad but all things in life come to an end. I will not have enough time to play another season till FM 2013 demo release which I predict to happen in 1 month. So I stop managing Q.P.R. with the excellent squad that might win Premier League and Champions League in the next season at last…

Unluckily, after all I have only 3 trophies - 2 FA Cups and 1 League Cup - after 9 seasons. There were several chances to win CL and PL but I didn’t seize them. Sometimes of course, lady luck was against Q.P.R.

Q.P.R. story achievements

The story is over…


What’s next?

Surely, I have some plans till Football Manager 2013 release.

First of all, I would like to make a retrospective post about Q.P.R. and the brightest moments of the story. After that I am going to share my FM 2012 save file for those of you who wants to continue managing my Queens Park Rangers. Then it would be great to look back farther and compare results of the Q.P.R. story with the previous ones I had in FM 2011, 2010, 2009, etc.

Later on I will start two-round poll. You, my dear readers, will choose a FM 2013 club for me. The voting algorithm is going to be quite simple:

- First round: Choose nation to start.

- Second round: Vote for club from chosen nation.

And of course I am still following the latest Football Manager 2013 videos and news from Miles Jacobson & Co. My impressions of them will be published either in this blog or

The last but not least. I am going to upgrade design of True Football Manager blog to make it more readable and faster for you my friends.


Excited to blog for you,

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