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Season 8 expectations and transfers

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Q.P.R. story continues, season 8 is started. Today I will tell you about my season expectations and transfers. There are some important squad changes you may read below right now.

Players Out

Sold players

I didn’t want to change squad much, though more than 10 players left the team.

My intentions to sell Gary Cahill, Theo Walcott, Kolbeinn Sigporsson were explained earlier, in the previous post. All of them became QPR backup players with very high wages. Just imagine - almost $250K of wage budget was released after their transfers.

Special words have to be said about departure of Kamohelo Mokotjo to Atletico Madrid. I bought this DMC one year ago for $18M. I was even somewhat criticized for his move to The Rangers:


Well, I didn’t really understand how Mokotjo is good because he managed to get 4 short-term injuries. Meanwhile his substitution player Geis showed himself very well. In the end of the season I’ve got a feeling I have two equally good defensive midfielders in the squad.

Later on, during transfer campaign, I saw an opportunity to buy Zargo Toure (who is better than any my DMC) for moderate money. This is why Mokotjo was transfer listed and sold to Spain.


Players In

Players in

As I promised, just several squad changes without breaking team skeleton.


1. Zargo Toure (DMC, DC) - $11.5M

Zargo Toure in Football Manager 2012

This is the only transfer this summer aimed to make change in the first eleven. Zargo Toure seems to be an excellent Anchor Man: physically strong, mentally very developed, high tackling and marking skills.

As it has been said, he was signed instead of weaker Mokotjo whose salary was near $90K. Toure agreed on $52K. By the way, you may compare signed Toure with sold Mokotjo and see the difference.

Zargo Toure vs Kamohelo Mokotjo

Toure vs MokotjoAga


2. Sasha Schmitt (SC) - Free

Sasha Schmitt

PPMs  Personality

Schmitt is a promising German regen, ideal for Poacher role. Going to be a direct substitution for Carlos Fierro. I am fond of his Acceleration. Dribbling, Agility, Pace are slight lower but trainings may create an incredibly quick and agile striker from him.


3. Alfredo Bazan (SC) - Free

Alfredo Bazan


It’s the second Bazan in my team. Complete forward Daniel Bazan, who has started to get his first caps for Argentina, got another Argentinian Alfredo Bazan as a partner in attack.

Well, he is the youngest Q.P.R. striker. But he is a wonderkid and possesses professional personality which is giving more chances to come in games from substitution bench.


4. Jerry Richardson (DL, WBL) - $3.4M

Jerry Richardson

Jerry is not a star player. But he is fast and hard-working wing back. Though I understand he lacks Tackling and Marking, that’s why I set Tackling as Individual Focus to train.

I spent $3.4 for Richardson because the club had only Digne on WBL position and needed another one to be quite confident when playing counter-attacking tactics.


5. Tomas Cerny (GK) - Free

Radek Cerny in Football Manager 2012

It was a finding to sign such a fine goalie for substitution bench. Cerny agreed to stay backup player for just $15.75K per week.


6. Liam White (DC) - Free


Just a decent prospective central back. Placed into the Reserves. May grow into valuable central back in 2-3 years.


Team report



Now I have the youngest squad among all PL teams.



Careful financial strategy

QPR finances

The transfer campaign is finished with great financial results. It’s an achievement for me to have positive balance in this Q.P.R. story. You know I have been tending to spent a lot of money on new players since the very beginning of my QPR era.

Wage budget is also looking fine.



Season expectations


My story targets contain information that I claimed this season should end with victory in either Premier League or Champions League. I cannot forget my minds and ambitions. Therefore title challenge was promised to The Rangers board.

Surely, we are not favourites by Sky Bet and doesn’t have a strongest squad in Premier League. But I am going to win the title using tactical superiority.



We are ready to start playing season 8 matches!

Yes! Look at the awesome results provided by my assistant manager in friendlies.

Friendly matches and upcoming games

Tactic familiarity levels


Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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