Tuesday, 3 July 2012

0:6 loss to Koln. Shame and devastation.

It was the worst match in Q.P.R story. Unpredictably, 6 goals from Koln happened after the brilliant quarterfinal against much stronger Bayern Munich. We will win neither Europa League nor FA Cup (lost to Arsenal) this year. Another season without trophies…

In the real life football managers resign from clubs after such catastrophic matches. But not everbody. Take Arsene Wenger as an example. He managed to hold the pressure after extremely poor 2:8 loss to the arch-rival Red Devils.

I am going to withstand it too.


The strangest defeat in my history


Koln beats QPR

“The strangest of the strange, the queerest of the queer…”, I am citing the song one of my favourite singers Shirley Manson, front woman of Garbage band.

Just look at the match stats and you will easily understand me. Damn, it was the equal game! Moreover, we had 5 Clear Cut chances versus 2 of Koln… Shit happens.

I know some gamers who like to moan about FM 12 unrealism have a great chance to do that again. Surely, it was very unlucky day for my team. Totally disappointing. But I have to investigate the reasons of the loss inside Queens Park Rangers because of the 2 next screen shots:

1. Koln were play defensive 4-4-1-1 formation.



2. QPR squad is really stronger

Team comparison


Why the hell did the Rangers fail?

Here are some reasons I see at the moment:

1. My both defensive midfielders Mokotjo and Geis are injured now. I was obliged to use 19 years old El Amrani and then Mats Hummels as anchor man (unnatural position for him).

2. Crucial mistakes by defenders. Especially Holt and Cahill.

3. Poor performance during defensive set pieces. It’s my long-lasting problem. So any advices are welcomed.

4. My team didn’t score a goal due to incredible amount of failed goal chances. Daniel Bazan was looking absolutely idiotic.

5. No luck.

Player stats


My plans in Q.P.R. story

I played the match yesterday’s evening. Surely, it brought me into some kind of angriness. Tomorrow I am calm and ready to work over Q.P.R squad and tactical approach.

For instance, I am going to start with attacking triangle rebuilding. Want to get more from Bazan. For now, Daniel Bazan has 19 goals and 14 assists in 46 matches. And it’s when he looks like a world star by attributes:

Daniel Bazan

One more thing I should think about is too many goals conceded during set pieces…

Of course, I am very interested in your opinion. Feel free to comment!


Excited to blog for you, even being looser this time :)

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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