Monday, 4 June 2012

Getting more and more confident



The blog is paused because I has left for Euro 2012 in Poland. 

I will return and continue blogging in 2 weeks.


Season 7 with the new tactics and the new squad after the great transfer campaign continues. I am ready to claim Q.P.R. has started to show more confident performance in October and November. The period featured high effectiveness of our attack: we started to score more goals than in September and August.

12 matches: 10 wins, 2 losses

Played matches


Premier League

Premier League

Q.P.R. is among title contenders after 12 fixtures. This is the start I really like! Pay attention that Arsenal is having a great run now. But I don’t think they are unattainable.

The worst match

QPR - Burnley

Loosing 0:1 to one of league outsiders at home is always a pain. It’s so difficult to understand the reasons of the loss… Somehow we couldn’t create a single clear cut chance, though managed to fail several decent goal chances. Possession and corners gave nothing in this game.


The best match

Best match

Each of my leading strikers made a double. And Daniel Bazan has even managed to miss his 2nd penalty! Exciting victory with complete advantage over one of serious Premier League opponents.

Q.P.R. and Everton were equal by head-to-head results till this moment. Moreover, we have never one in 3 or more goals like this time!



Pay attention I made two another match reports on my FM Crowd blog:

- Daniel Bazan and his first hat-trick for QPR (5:1 win over Bristol City)

- My first Premier League loss in season 7 (2:3 loss to Tottenham)


Europa League

Europa League

Simply perfect results. Easy group as for me.

The qualification is already guaranteed and it means I will give a chance for QPR backup players in two last EL group matches.


Q.P.R. players



Feeling happy with my players! They have good average ratings, so many guys are above 7.00. I feel they like Fluidity tactics :-)

Newcomer Seamus Coleman has 6.91, but I do like his performance. The Irishman is a very confident defensive winger who can tackle and cross the ball excellently.

The best player of the reported period is again Carlos Fierro.  14 goals in 14 games - what I should say more! But this time I would like to single out John Fleck who had an inspiring form during the last matches.

John Fleck

John Fleck


Now I see John performs better as a central playmaker than a left winger.


Future matches

Future matches

So as you see I am in very good mood now. The squad is still in the blending process getting more and more confident. In January-February players should show their best football as a team with a high level of communication and cooperation. It’s really important for me because there will be a “Wonderful Christmas time” for The Rangers:

30.12 - Arsenal

01.01 - Manchester United

10.01 - Chelsea

17.01 - Manchester City

24.01 - Liverpool

I am sure these matches will decided our destiny in the Premier League season. Hope to remain a title contender after all…


Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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