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Lucas Digne in Football Manager 2012

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Left back Lucas Digne has been playing for my Q.P.R. since the very first season. I bought the French talent for $4.3M and don’t regret now. I would like to analyse how much my trainings schedule influenced on development of Lucas Digne in FM 2012.

Development during trainings

Here is the schedule Digne has been working on.

Training schedule for Digne

You see Defending is the most trained category. Then advantage is give to Ball Control, Tactics, and Aerobics. Interesting that Strength is not so important in my eyes for wing backs as Aerobics.

The training schedule together with quality of coaches and training facilities influenced attributes of Digne much. And now you can see the growth between starting season and the 6th season.


Lucas Digne in 2011



Lucas Digne in 2017

Lucas Digne in 2017


Defensive attributes



I selected the most important defensive attributes to show their growth. Tackling has the largest increase, from 7 to 14! It was caused by Individual Training Focus.


Physical attributes



Physics wasn’t progressed so much. Just 2-3 points up. Anyway Lucas Digne is pretty strong physically at the very beginning of the game.


Matches in Premier League


You know we have an opportunity to see history of league matches by seasons. Digne has decent average ratings in all seasons.  Though 7.15 in season 4 can be considered as a very good result for full back.

By the way, it would be good if Football Manager 2013 developers add a feature when we can see all season matches in it including European and national cups. Hot FM 2013 discussion is available at my blog.


Lucas Digne vs Gael Clichy

Now let’s try to compare Digne with one of the best left backs Gael Clichy playing for Manchester City.

Digne vs Clichy

I remind you it’s season 6. So we see Lucas Digne lacks some important values in comparison with Clichy. First of all, Passing. 10 versus 15 of Clichy. Technically the more experienced French overcomes the younger one in Dribbling,  First Touch, and Technique as well.

Mental attributes. Clichy has higher Anticipation, Determination, Positioning, Work Rate, Teamwork. Digne is better in Concentration and Decisions which are important for any defender.

And only Physical attributes are more or less equal for both players.

Summarizing: Digne became a very good left back in FM 2012 but didn’t reach a world class level.

How has Lucas Digne been developing in your FM story?

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