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Preparations to the 6th season

The new season is about to start in my QPR story. Following the last squad analysis post (it was absolutely entertaining to participate in its discussion) I am ready to present the latest transfer and club news.

Q.P.R. receives more money

TV revenue

Sponsorship deals

Making the way to Champions League quarterfinals brought a lot of money and better sponsorship contracts. Surely, we can’t still compete with English grands by finances, but we are getting closer I feel that.


Season expectations

Season expectations

I could not promise to be a title winner due to very strong Manchester City with Messi, Bale, Aguero, etc. Therefore title challenge is still enough for me this season. Not so risky target actually.

Sky Bet considers our chances as 25-1 as you see below. Well, at least Q.P.R. doesn’t yield to Tottenham this time.




Now the most interesting part!

Players out


Some explanations are necessary here.

I decided to replace David Ospina with the same level but younger goalie. The newcomer should become better than Ospina during trainings. I expect that.

Petar Zanev and Lukas Kolar moved to other teams due to new players coming at their positions.

Chris Brunt was too old; moreover, competition among attacking midfielders became too high.

I sold Jordan Henderson and Jordan Obita because of their demands to play in the first eleven. They were not competitive to get a place in a starting squad. I had had certain hopes on young talented Obita but he didn’t develop his Technical skills much during trainings…

Jordan Obita



Players in


Don’t get confused by the quite long list of QPR newcomers! Most of them are just prospective youngster who were moved to the reserve team.

1. Marc-Andre ter Stegen (GK) - $13.5M

ter Stegen in Football Manager 2012_thumb[1]

Mentioned in my Wonderkids List.

Great young goalie who has some chances to become even better in few years. He’s nearly the same as David Ospina. Great commanding and communication skills should help in organizing efficient defence. I like his Rushing Out because my tactics uses Sweeper Keeper role.


2. James Rodriguez (AML) - Free

James Rodriguez in Football Manager 2012

Mentioned in my Wonderkids List.

Former Porto player will strengthen my squad compulsory. I can’t imagine another result of this signing. Great winger for any team! Though he is lacking high Teamwork, Work Rate, Stamina. I decided to close my eyes on these shortcomings in this case.


3. Sami Khedira (DMC, MC) - $4.4M

Sami Khedira in Football Manager 2012

Experienced Sami Khedira was put on the transfer list by Real Madrid. I didn’t hesitate much. You should understand me :)


4. Yury Zhirkov (DL, AML) - $1.9M

Yury Zhirkov in Football Manager 2012

Another experienced player should replace Petar Zanev who was a substitution for Digne. Moreover, Zhirkov can be very efficient as a left winger with his excellent Crossing, Passing, Decisions, Teamwork, and good speed.


5. Theo Walcott (SC, AMR) - $9.75M

Theo Walcott in Football Manager 2012

My weakness. I predict you will judge me for spending almost $10M on Theo. But I like Walcott very much in the real life and am going to get as much as possible from his explosiveness in QPR. Theo will be use at two positions: AMR and SC.

By the way, he is really underestimated in Football Manager 2012.


6. Grzegorz Sandomierski (GK) - Free

Grzegorz Sandomierski in Football Manager 2012

Good reliable keeper who agreed to sit at a substitution bench.


7. Oscar Rasmussen (MC) - Free


Another wonderkid comes to Queens Park Rangers. I believe in his Work Rate!


8. Sakis Thomaidis (DC, DR, DMC) - Loan, Free


Sakis Thomaidis was loaned from Bayern Munich just for a case of injury crisis. Additionally, I signed a loan contract with option to buy this guy in the end of season if I like him. He looks like a real talent. Do you agree?


9. Marc Jourdan (MC) - Free


Decent midfielder with awesome speed and Dribbling at his young age. Now it depends on his diligence during trainings.


Surprize! Transfer budget remains!


Transfer budget has remained almost unspent due to players’ sales and inexpensive buyings. I decided to keep the money till winter following few targets:

- Keep positive balance

- Wait for QPR reputation growth to attract better players

- Make the current squad analysis in winter because I am not sure in several players.

As usually I am very interested to hear your opinion about my transfer campaign. But don’t be to angry regarding Walcott signing ;) So what do you think?


Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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