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Football Manager 2013

FM 2013 Release Date announced!

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I think it’s time to discuss the next FM game - Football Manager 2013. Surely, it should be better than Football Manager 2012 by logic. Now it’s interesting to talk about future features and ideas while we have half of a year till Football Manager 2013 release. Normally the game developers - SI Games - follow such kind of discussions. So all of us have a nice possibility to influence the game:
Just write comments to this post explaining your idea Лампочка
Additionally, you are welcomed to share this idea list with your friends who could join this important discussion:

You can also join my Football Manager 2013 group at Facebook which should become the world’s most popular one what had happened with my current group dedicated to FM 12.

What improvements would you like to see in Football Manager 2013?

Personally I want to suggest my top ten features that should make FM 2013 better:
1. Enhanced player stats:
        - More types of shots (from under defender, inside box, etc.) and passes (shot, long).
        - Goalkeeper save percentages.
2. Inner blogging. I dream to have internal tool to blog directly from Football Manager 2013! SI Games should consider this because amount of blogs is growing (take a look at FM Crowd, for example) .
3. More feedback from players about anything: last results, club events, media interactions of club manager.
4. Auto-upload (auto-post) of achievements to Facebook page (or even any site!) when season is over.
5. Opportunity to select clear cut chances in custom upload package for Youtube video highlights.
6. More financial stats and control
7. Better animations. Imagine a manager walking along touchline or warming up players.
8. Increase regen faces quality.
9. More participation in youth development. Foreign academies (like Ajax has in South Africa).
10. I want to access player instructions during match in one-click. It’s often necessary to decrease tackling level for player after he receives a yellow card.

Controversial features for Football Manager 2013

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There are also 3 controversial ideas I often see asked and disputed by Football Manager gamers. Can’t say I like all of them but these thoughts are worth discussion:
1. Becoming a Chairman/Assistant Manager/Coach/Scout/Physio
Some people what to be try themselves in other roles in the game.
2. Spending  money you earn as manager
You wage as a manager is not spent anywhere. Should we have an opportunity to buy anything in the game using personal money? I don’t like this idea because it’s but many guys would love it.
3. Option to disable regens 
Some guys don’t like regens at all. They want to try playing the game without generated players. I don’t see how it’s possible because FM 2013 won’t remain realistic in that case. May be you can suggest a working idea?

What’s your opinion regarding all my Football Manager 2013 ideas and also controversial features?
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Starting to dream of FM 2013,
Vitaliy Mokosiy

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