Thursday, 8 March 2012

FM 2012 Patch 12.2.0 is out

Football Manager 2012 patch 12.2 is out

Good news as you see! FM 2012 Patch 12.2.0 containing transfer update was released yesterday. So now I am re-posting some information from SI Games here:
I am pleased to announce the release of the Football Manager 2012 January Transfer Update. The update will be rolling out via Steam after 6pm depending on your connectivity. Also included within the update are a number of fixes for the game which are included in a changelist in the post below.

Again as with previous updates, you may already have already noticed Steam updating your game automatically (depending on your Steam settings) and once complete you will be running the latest version of the game.

Bear in mind this update includes the latest database, so will be slightly larger than previous updates. Please be patient while the update downloads and automatically installs itself – it may also be worth waiting a few minutes after the download completes before attempting to launch the game.

Please if you have any feedback in regards to the 12.2.0 update please feel free to post it in this thread –

Below is a brief FAQ answering some of the most commonly asked questions following an update release:

12.2.0 FAQ

Is this update save game compatible? As with all our released updates in the past, this update is totally save game compatible - you will be able to continue any saves started before this update as normal.

Will the new data become available in my old save game?
No, you will have to start a new game for the updated data to appear in your game.

I’m really happy with my current save game, why should I start a new game? You don’t have to; the majority of fixes included in this update will take effect in your current save game. However rule/competition changes and of course the updated data will only be evident if you start a new game.

I was told that an issue would definitely be fixed but the issue does not appear in the change list – what gives? Not every single fix will be included within the changelist – we try to be as thorough as possible but unfortunately due to the complex nature of how the code is changed some items will not be included. This does not mean the issue has been ignored, if we’ve said it’s been looked at and fixed earlier then chances are that is most certainly the case.

How do I update the editor? If you’ve already downloaded it previously it will update automatically, otherwise you need to download it like you would have done previously. Details on how to do so here -

I’ve loaded the new database, but it seems some transfers aren’t in the game? Why were these missed? Unfortunately as with everything eventually time just runs out. Some transfers (say the two players who ‘walked away’ from Rangers or Diarra to Fulham) just happened too late to be included in this update.
Also please remember that short-term and emergency loans are not included in the database. Examples of these are Kuszczak to Watford and Elokobi to Nottingham Forest; they are not included.

Read more about the patch here: FM 2012 Update12.2 is out

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