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Winter clearance sale

As it had been told in the last, I sold bunch of QPR players easing payroll budget and making some transfer income. It was just sad to say ‘bye’ to Sulley Muntari because he was one of the important players. But now I have better anchor man Ognjen Vukoevic

The whole list of winter sold footballers:

Sold players

I am still above $1M in wages but the gap between allowed budget and current one is pretty large already:


Most of the transfers were arranged basis on monthly instalments. Therefore you don’t see any serious balance change. We should wait till the next season to see some positive shifts in a balance value.

Balance QPR


Q.P.R. matches

OK, here are the latest results.

12 matches played: 6 wins, 2 draws, 4 losses.


Frankly speaking, not bad. But perhaps it’s not good enough to reach so desired Top-4 in the end. If you take a closer look into QPR draws and losses, you will see that almost all of them were against English grand clubs. Getting points in such kind of matches is a real problem for me during this season. I felt helpless in the away matches against Liverpool and Tottenham. Another defeat from Man City had the same effect actually in spite of playing at Loftus Road. That was the worst match of the reported period. Fortunately, Rangers were playing equally against Man Utd and Chelsea.

On the other hand, we are very good when it goes about picking up points against all other Premier League teams. But I feel it’s not enough to get into next season’s Champions League. How do you think?


The best match

My guys simply devastated Wigan in this game making 2 fast goals in 8 starting minutes. Special thanks to the man of the match - Korey Smith - who was playing a playmaker and made 3 assists.

Wigan - Q.P.R.



PL table standing

Well, all the struggle is certainly ahead here. I believe my chances to be in the Top-4 are pretty good because I have only 3 matches against grand clubs to play.



FA Cup

Very short story in FA Cup. I failed it the very first round against weak Championship team. I was too unconcerned in my rotation principles. Read more here:

I’m guilty… no cups this season


Q.P.R. players

QPR players

QPR players[4]

It was hard to select the best player of the latest time. So the award can be divided between Popov, Rodriguez, and Vukojevic.

I am concerned with underperforming central backs Craig Cathcart and Gary Cahill. Though Cahill is still blending into the squad in my opinion.

Pay attention also to Korey Smith and Ivan Cosic. Both are backup players for Marco Verratti, both make assists and key passes having average ratings above 7.18.

Korey Smith

Korey Smith in FM 12


Ivan Cosic

Ivan Cosic

It seems everything is fine regarding Cosic and Smith. But I have to confess I have a problem with them because both central midfielders want to play in the first eleven. It means one of them should be sold in the next transfer window.

Whom would you advice me to sell?

Englishman Korey Smith who can tackle balls


more young and attacking Croatian Ivan Cosic


Considering chances to finish in Top-4…

Upcoming matches

12 fixtures, 3 games against grand clubs where I could loose all points because as you see loosing to top English clubs is my trend in the current season. Let’s try to make a quick calculation basing on the 3 first seasons.

1 Season 1
2 Season 2
3 Season 3

In average I need around 75 points to get into the next season’s Champions League. Now I have 49 points. It means at least 26 points should be gained in the last 12 fixtures. Is it a large challenge for the Rangers? I wouldn’t say so. Though it’s quite difficult to forecast a final result for my club now.


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