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Q.P.R. Poor substitution bench

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Season 3 ending became the worst period of the football year for Q.P.R. It was really unexpected because I was pretty sure to take the 5th position in the league. Moreover, Europa League final turned into an absolute misfortune. But let’s consider all tournaments one by one.

Q.P.R. is only the 7th in the Premier League

Premier League

We took 4 points more than in the last season but it didn’t help. All 6 PL grand clubs played very well this season. You can compare top of the PL tables.

Previous season table

Last season


Last Q.P.R. matches


The schedule of the matches was too tough for my team. We’re not ready to play a game every second day. The schedule uncovered a serious problem linked with lack of good defensive substitution players. This is the reason of all failures in the Premier League. The worst of them was against Sunderland. It was an equal game if you look into the match stats but my defenders made many mistakes:

Sunderland - Q.P.R. 5:1

The last but one fixture against Liverpool was a decisive one in sense of the 6th position fight. We had a chance to take the position in case of victory but didn’t manage to score at home. Frankly speaking, Liverpool overcame my tired players at all.

Liverpool match


Failed Europa League final

It was the most unlucky match of all three seasons of QPR story! Ajax with unsecure 3-5-2 formation should loose the game but somehow my players scored only once. By the way, it was a moment when I lost hope on the EL trophy. Kaboul made a great header during time compensated by referee.

QPR Ajax

Ajax had no goal chances.

QPR had several nice opportunities but didn’t manage to seize on them.

Europa League final


Penalty shootout turned into catastrophic and shameful performance for us Печальная рожица

Penalty shootout

I was so close to take the trophy winning in the knockout round against such strong teams as Roma and Sevilla. Very sad.


FA Cup trophy taken by Q.P.R.

A ray of light in a darkness. The Rangers revenged to Sunderland for 1:5 loss taking away FA Cup. My attackers were more concrete on the final stage and brought the first trophy in this story.

I am also glad that QPR qualified into Europa League again due to the FA Cup. So we will have the second attempt to win Europa League… Задумчивая улыбка

FA Cup Final. Sunderland - QPR


I decided to divide information about QPR results and players performance. Therefore you should expect QPR players information in the next story post. The post will contain in-depth squad analysis.


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