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Q.P.R. changes in summer of 2014

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OK, I am ready to present the review of season 4 preparation process. Today we’ll discuss the latest QPR changes. I would like to start with a “Vast” stadium expansion made by boardПодмигивающая рожица  Look like a joke but it’s still +1000 seats.

Stadium extension

After that I got a quite tempting offer from Manchester United but rejected it, of course.

Man Utd approach Mokosiy


Season expectations

Champions League promise

I claimed to get Champions League place this season. It’s somewhat risky but I had to do it just because one of my story targets is to get into Champions League in 4 seasons.

Additionally, I hope to make another attempt to win Europa League, Carling Cup, and repeat success in FA Cup.

The board was very kind giving me $57.5M for transfers and driving the club into $20M debt. This time I spent all the money:


Wage budget is almost completely used after all transfers I did:


Media prediction is just a bit higher than before the last season. Top 4 is a tough task for the Rangers.


Club reputation:


Unfortunately, Q.P.R. reputation didn’t grow much after the last season when we managed to win FA Cup and become Europa League runner-up. It means I was perceptibly limited in transfer opportunities…


Q.P.R transfers

Players out

Players out

It’s a bit unusual to see only 2 sold players. I had no serious remarks regarding performance of QPR players. Only Yaya Sanogo was irritating me. If you read the last QPR story post, you’d probably agree with this transfer.

Goalie Miguel Angel Moya asked for the first team place and went for it to Reggina.


Players in

Players in

Long list of newcomers you see here. But if you take a closer look, you’ll see $59M were spent for only for 3 players: Cahill, Garmash, and Vukojevic.


1. Gary Cahill (DC) - $24M

Gary Cahill in Football Manager 2012


I consider Gary Cahill as the best transfer in the campaign. He is a player I dreamt to buy: central defender with good Passing and Technique. Gary will play in pair with Kaboul.


2. Ognjen Vukojevic (DMC, MC) - $15M

Ognjen Vukoevic in Football Manager 2012

Brilliant Croatian DMC from Dynamo Kyiv. Welcome to Q.P.R! Vukojevic possesses great mental abilities, Strength, Tackling, and Marking. In the real life he is the best player of Dynamo Kyiv.

I understand you may $15M is too much for a 30 years old player. But I needed a great defensive midfielder.


3. Denys Garmash (MC, DMC) - $19M

Denys Garmash in Football Manager 2012

Another transfer from Dynamo Kyiv and the first Ukrainian in Q.P.R. Garmash is a talented central midfielder who should become an important part of the team.

By the way, he is one of the wonderkids at the very start of the game.


4. Andrea Masiello (DC, DR) - Free!

Andrea Masiello in Football Manager 2012

It was tempting to sign Masiello for free. A solid commanding centre back who can play as a right defender as well. Actually I hope to use him on the right flank rather often.


5. Johannes Geis (DMC, MC, DR) - Free!

Johannes Geis in Football Manager 2012

Versatile youngster Geis became my hope to replace Andreas Hinkel in one season or so. I hope Johanness will develop himself well during trainings because he has amazing prospective.



6. Ivan Cosic (MC) - Free!



Next Boban

Simply the next Zvonimir Boban. A newgen wonderkid who should make a competition for Marco Verratti at MC position in future.

By the way, I want to advice you using Finding newgens article by celticman. It’s really helpful if you are interested in an efficient newgens search.


7. Bogdan Lobont (GK) - Free!

Bogdan Lobont in Football Manager 2012

Famous Romanian who agreed to backup goalie status.


8. Alexandru Bourceanu (DMC) - Free!

Alexandru Bourceanu in Football Manager 2012

Once again I signed Romanian footballer for free. Bourceanu will not be the first squad midfielder, of course. Though he will have some chance to play from substitution bench competing for this right with Cole Skuse.


9. Albano Bizzarri (GK) - Free!

Albano Bizzarri in Football Manager 2012

Another famous keeper who also agreed to backup status.


10. Sasha Seeger - Free!

Sasha Seeger

Just a prospect for attack.



Team report and comparisons after the transfers

Team report


Defense[5] Midfield



So now I have many players in the squad. Even too many. Thus not all players will be able to register for Europa League and Premier League. Anyway the great squad depth should help when having a lot of matches in a short time period. In the end I have a question for you:

What’s your opinion of the transfers I made?


Exciting to be blogging for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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