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Q.P.R. changes before the 3rd season

Hello everybody!

After the unexpected season 2 outcome, I decided it’s time to strengthen Q.P.R. status in the Premier League repeating Europa League qualification success again. Therefore the following season expectations were claimed by me:

Promise to repeat success

So I promised board to qualify into Europa League again. They gave me $33M for transfers and $1.2M for wages.

Transfer strategy

My transfer strategy was a quite simple this time. I set 2 main targets to achieve for the transfer window:

- Buy a good central back and 2 wingers

- Get some promising youngster for the Reserves

So this summer I was tending to keep the squad formed after the squad revolution 1 year ago. Q.P.R. has the youngest squad in the league, and it’s easy to decide to make a stake on a youngsters’ growth. Digne, Verratti, Rodriguez, Oscar, Paloschi, Smith, Obita, Sanogo and even 24 years old keeper Ospina should have a perceptible progress this season.

Moreover, Q.P.R.’s reputation is still quite low to get top level players. Therefore, as for me, it’s very important to become successful in Europa League and perhaps FA Cup and League Cup (it would be great to win one of them!) to increase the reputation.


Players out


Joey Barton and Shaun Wright-Phillips had $105K of wages. The same happened with all Q.P.R. players. The financial crisis was caused by my monthly instalments transfer strategy last summer.

Sale of Luke Young released $51K of salary budget.

Both reserve goalies Janot and Murphy were sold because of their first team ambitions.


Players in

Here are my new players. Most of them are promising youngsters who were sent to the Reserves.

Players in before season 3


I haven’t used all the money the board gave me. I decided to keep some part till the winter transfer window. Just want to see how my current squad will try to achieve set objectives and what positions will be the most problematic in the first season half.


Wage budget reserve is also very good at the moment.

Wage budget

I cannot say the same about club balance. Unfortunately, negative value doesn’t allow to improve training and youth facilities, stadium, etc.

Hope to earn money in Europa League to get into positive values in the end.



Now let’s get back to Q.P.R. newcomers. I can single out 5 best of them.


1. Alvaro Vadillo (AMR/AML) - $21.5M

Alvaro Vadillo in Football Manager 2012

Perhaps $21.5M is too much for Alvaro Vadillo. But he is a wonderkid of 18 years. I hope he will become a new Cristiano Ronaldo in future. At least media predicts him to be the next Vicente Улыбка

Next Vicente PPMs


2. Craig Cathcart (DC) - $7.25M

Craig Cathcard in Football Manager 2012

Craig is a player I really like. Of course he is not top-class central back. But he is good enough to play in pair with Younes Kaboul in the upcoming season. I like his mental attributes, very good Tackling and Marking, and Resolute personality.

Personality PPMs[5]


3. Michael Kightly (AMR) - $2.5M

Michael Kightly in Football Manager 2012

In my opinion Michael Kightly became a bargain player during this transfer window. On the one hand, surely, he will play from substitution bench. But on the other hand I see he can really help our team as a classic winger.


4. Bernard Holt (DC) - $170K

Bernard Holt

What a talent I found and bought for just $170K! Holt is only 16 but I can already use him in the first squad as backup player!



5. Steve McCafferty (DMC, MC, AMR) - $1.1M

Steve McCafferty

Another talented British guy. Steve is a versatile promising midfielder. I hope to develop a good right winger because his Crossing is already pretty high.

Another great thing about him is ability to take any set pieces.



Team report

Actually, the team report doesn’t differ much from the one before transfers. But here we can see Craig Cathcart as the 2nd best defender and prospective Alvaro Vadillo as the 3rd AMR.

Team report


New feeder club - MK Dons

MK Dons link


Q.P.R. coaches

Some news about QPR coaches signed in summer.

New coaches

Now I have following star ratings for all training categories. It’s important to have efficient coaches because I am making a stake on the development of young stars.

QPR Coaches

That’s all for now, folks.


As usually, excited to be blogging for you,

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