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Unexpected season 2 outcome!

Yesterday in my “Battle for Europa League place” post I told about extremely interesting last fixtures in the Premier League. I played the fixtures and am going to write an emotional post today.

As you remember Queens Park Rangers was going at the 6th position with 5 points of gap to the 5th and 7th ones. Here are all matches apart from 2 last fixtures:

Matches before two last fixtures

Sudden loss to West Ham and more logical defeat against The Red Devils were caused by our injury problems of attacking players. Take a look at the injury table after Manchester United match:

Injury table

Especially I was missing for Wright-Phillips and Popov because Oscar got suspended after a red card in the West Ham game. So I had not good wingers against Man Utd and Stoke at all!!! As a result I was using young and weak Obita on a left flank and central midfielders Korey Smith and Scott Brown on a right flank…

Two decisive fixtures

It was a kind tricky situation before the 2 last fixtures described in the last post of my True Football Manager+ blog:


My team showed unconvincing performance against Aston Villa. So I can say it was somewhat lucky match because Q.P.R. didn’t create enough amount of goal chances. From the other side Jay Rodriguez led out the team scoring goal on the 77th minute. I wasn’t in time to set a Contain strategy and got a reciprocal goal in a moment:

Fight against the Villans

Aston Villa match stats

Fans are frustrated


But in fact, after the match against The Villans we still had good chances to take the 5th position because of the calendar:

Q.P.R.  - Arsenal

Man Utd  - Aston Villa

Before the last fixture

Loftus Road welcomed Arsenal

Gervinho scored a goal on the 60th minute and, frankly speaking, my hands fell down. Moreover, Arsenal had a certain advantage in a ball control during the whole first hour of the game.

I went Attacking style after the conceded goal and my guys managed to score twice!!! Arsenal changed tactics to 4-2-4 after that. It was very risky move, and in the end Fabianski conceded two more goals!

It’s history repeating because in the first season half I had very similar match against The Gunners: Quality of possession more important than quantity. We ceased on almost all our goal moments in contrast to Arsenal players!

Q.P.R - Arsenal

The final score is 4:1. Here are 4 goals of The Rangers:

1. Excellent teamwork during free kicks ended with fierce shot by Faurlin.

2. Jay Rodriguez scored a penalty, mistake by Vermalen.

3. Jay Rodriguez makes a wonderful run across almost whole pitch making an efficient counter-attack.

4. Poor mistake by Fabianski who didn’t cope with simple cross. Jay makes his first hat-trick for Q.P.R at rebound.!

Jay Rodriguez was a true magician in this final game!!!

But the most important is that whereas Q.P.R. was winning, Manchester United crushed Aston Villa giving me and my team a ticket into Europa League!

Aston Villa had no chance

Yahooooooo! I am very excited now!!!!! ВечеринкаВечеринкаВечеринкаВечеринкаВечеринкаВечеринкаВечеринкаВечеринка

QPR qualify for Europa League

It’s above my season expectations and story targets! As you remember I specified that Q.P.R. should qualify into Europe in the 3d season:


Final Premier League table

Final table

Surprisingly they gave Manager of the Season award to me. I understand it’s because of too quick progress during the season. It’s result of successful squad change policy determined by rigid philosophy and my amazing Supersonic tactics that produces beautiful quick football style on a pitch.

Barclays Manager of the Season

And also here is so pleasant season review containing Q.P.R., Rodriguez and Popov:

Season review


Q.P.R. players

QPR players

Worst QPR players[4]

I am not ready to analyse Q.P.R. players much due to overflow of emotions. I can only single out the best and most valuable of them by pitch areas.


David Ospina


1. Younes Kaboul

2. Andreas Hinkel

3. Lucas Digne


1. Marco Verratti

2. Alejandro Faurlin

3. Sulley Muntari


1. Jay Rodriguez

2. Ivelin Popov

3. Shaun Wright-Phillips


Fantastic Jay Rodriguez

Separately I should praise a person who actually brought us to Europe.  Jay Rodriguez scored 10 goals in 7 last matches! He also became one of the most efficient Premier League strikers in the season.

Goals of Rodriguez

Jay Rodriguez


Look at his amazing efficiency:

His goal attempts

Jay is the most accurate shot maker in the league:

Shots on target

Goal scorers ranking Average ranking

Jay Rodriguez could win the award


Positions to strengthen before the next season

I don’t see why I should change my squad much. This is why it would be good to make a point transfers buying better players for the most weak areas. First of all it’s about a new central defender and winger.

Additionally, I can already tell you that I am going to sell Joey Barton and Shaun Wright-Phillips. They both are over 30 years age and have the largest wages in the squad - $105K.

Stay tuned to the blog updates!

Happy New Year, dear friends!

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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