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Football Manager 2012 Training Schedules

Football Manager 2012 Training Schedules
Yesterday I uploaded my Football Manager 2012 training schedules to FM Crowd. And now it’s time for some kind of review for the schedules which I have been using in my Q.P.R. story.
First of all, download links from me:
Download my FM 2012 trainings

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My training approach

It can be formulated as several ideas actually:
- Use of quite hard workload to gain more attributes growth:
            In FM 2012 it’s last slider position of Medium / first slider position of Heavy
- Rotate your players to avoid overworking. It can also help in keeping high Morale level.
- Rarely buy players with high injury proneness reported by scouts. If I buy such kind of a player, then he has a special weakened schedule.
- Players who complain about heavy workload should be also move to easier trainings.
- All my FM 2012 training schedules are named by position: DC, AMRL, AMC, MC, DMC, DRL, SC. I think schedules names are self-explanatory.

How to import trainings into your game

2 quick steps you should do for that:
1. Download TSH files.
2. In Football Manager 2012 go to Team > Training > Schedules. Click Manage Schedules… button, click Import.

Read the awesome training masterclass!

Last but not least, learn more about trainings and player development in Football Manager 2012 reading a brilliant masterclass from Mantralux. It will definitely increase your level of FM 2012 understanding .

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