Friday, 4 November 2011

Football Manager 2012 Facepack

Football Manager 2013 facepack is already available for free. More than 110,000 faces of players and staff members.


imageIker CasillasCarles PuyolGennaro Gattuso Vincent Kompany
Sir Alex FergusonJose Mourinho Pepe GuardiolaArsene Wenger Roberto Mancini
New Football Manager 2012 facepack is awesome! I started using it 2 weeks ago after FM 2012 release and have no any problems with it. There are some important details about the facepack:
- It’s a megapack with cut-out faces of players and coaches.
- It contains more than 92000 faces!
- The facepack is created by I would like to thank them much! Guys, you are doing a great work!
- Facepack size – 4.2 GB
- It’s version officially numbered as 4.0

Download Football Manager 2012 facepack

If you experience a problem downloading or installing the facepack, please try to inform its creators in the official help thread at their forum:
Help thread for the facepack

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How to install Football Manager 2012 facepack?

  1. Unpack downloaded ZIP file.
  2. Move its unpacked files to folder “graphics” subfolder of Football Manager 2012 “user data” folder  (if “graphics” folder doesn’t exist then create it manually).
  3. Your FM 2012 preferences (Display & Sound section) must have the following settings with these values:
    - Use Skin Cache = Off
    - Always Reload Skin on Confirm = On

An example explaining folder location:
After all I have a folder "C:\Users\Rayden\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2012\graphics\".
This is where unpacked folder with facepack is located. ‘Rayden’ is my username in Windows 7.

So I hope you’ll be also fond of using this great Football Manager 2012 facepack as well as me!Улыбка

Author: Vitaliy

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