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Football Manager 2012 Tactics: Supersonic

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Dear readers,
Today I am ready to share my original Football Manager 2012 tactics. I called it Supersonic because of very quick tempo. The tactics can be download from FM Share at
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Team instructions

I decided to experiment with effective tactical approach in Football Manager 2012 consisting of the following components:
- Maximally quick tempo
- Wide play
- High defensive line + Closing Down opponents
- Rigid philosophy following my initial story targets
As a result I got very attractive attacking style of football produced by my Q.P.R. I am really proud of it!


Formation, player roles and duties

Tactics formation, FM 2012
My formation is 4-2-1-2-1. I use it at first in all Football Manager versions I ever played.  Well, let’s consider some important principles of Supersonics tactical formation.


Efficient flanks

At first sight the formation seems fairly defensive because of 6 players below centre of midfield. But actually it’s attacking formation due full backs overlapping wingers and forcing flank attacks much. As a result each of flanks has 2 players hugging the line and trying to make a cross to the striker with Poacher role.


Slightly asymmetric

Asymmetric tactics FM 12Left back joins attack more often than right back. I made this change increasing Mentality slider manually. The reason of that - I have two quick attacking left backs Traore and Digne.
You can also see 2 asymmetric defensive midfielders. DMLC has Anchor Man role what compensates more attacking style of a left back. DMLC covers area of a left back. Meanwhile DMRC works closer to central midfielder because right back run away from position not so often.



Central midfielder = Playmaker

Using playmaker is important tactics feature. MC should be a smart technically gifted guy who will quickly resolve an issue “What attacking direction is better in a current case?”. There are 4 cases when playmaker can aggravate an opponent:
Attacking directions, Football Manager 2012 tactics
Playmaker may:
1. Pass to a left winger.
2. Pass to a right winger.
3. Pass to a forward.
4. Dribble forward distracting opponent’s defensive players and making more spaces for passes.
Currently this role is given to wonderkid Marco Verratti in my team:
Verratti as a playmaker in my FM 2012 tactics

Supersonic striker

Poacher striker should very fast and have a great composure to score one-on-one goal moments. It’s also useful if he is good in air winning headers coming from wingers. Though Crossing instruction can be changed to Drill Crosses in case if you striker is of very low height.
Another important feature is absolute pressing. Your striker together with quick wingers always close down defenders with ball causing them to make mistakes:
Defensive instructions of striker, FM 2012 tactics
Certainly high Stamina and Work Rate are must.

Sweeper keeper

The high defensive line is good for taking away the ball earlier when opponent’s player is not close to your goalie. But sometimes it may happen that quicker striker overtakes a DC and only a goalkeeper can run and take away the ball. It’s the same as Victor Valdes acts in Barcelona.
The role of Sweeper keeper demands high Pace, Acceleration and Rushing Out.

Requirements to players

You can be successive manager with this tactics only if you sort out players. Quick and wide attacking style with high defensive line demands high level of the following player attributes:
- Passing
- Technique
- First Touch
- Decisions
- Determination
- Teamwork
- Work Rate
- Stamina
- Pace
- Acceleration
So please take a look at these attributes at first if you are going to use Supersonic tactics.
Defensive high line means you should get fast central and wing backs. It’s compulsory!
As usually you should also pay attention also to Player Roles. Every role has distinct requirements.

Using touchline shouts

Here are some touchline shouts I use with this tactics in different cases.


Case 1: Your team needs to score a goal

In this case I do one of the following actions:
- shout to Hassle Opponents. If referee is not strict, use also Get Stuck In shout.
- set Control strategy + Push Higher Up shout.
- set Attacking strategy + Get Ball Forward shout + Work Ball Into Box shout.
- find the most weak players in opponent’s formation. Flanks or middle? Set Exploit The Flanks or Exploit The Middle then. It will help your playmaker to decided better attacking direction.


Case 2: Your team needs to hold a score

- set Contain strategy + Pass into Feet + Retain Possession + Play Narrower In the very end of the match you can make a Play Even Safer shout.
- set Counter Attack strategy.
- use Drop Deeper shout.

Case 3: Your team plays against very strong opponent

- Counter Attack strategy is must! It works very well with Supersonic tactic!
- You can add to the strategy these 2 shouts: Pass into Space + Exploit The Flanks.



I never created a tactics with such a quick tempo level. Let’s try to recall all tactics created during the life of True Football Manager blog. I produced 3 tactics with short tempo during last years:
- FM 2008. Southampton tactics
- FM 2009. Hull tactics
- FM 2011. Boston United tactics
FM 2010. Leeds United was based on normal tempo. And only FM 2010. Northern Ireland tactics had been a slightly quick. But it was nothing if we compare it with my current maximally quick tempo!

What do you think about my FM 2012 tactics?

I hope you will find helpful my Football Manager 2012 tactics because it’s one of the best I’ve ever created! It would be great to see your comments about it. I know some of you can even help me to improve the tactics. So I am ready for you comments!Улыбка

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