Friday, 25 November 2011

Dangerous fatigue

Dear readers,

I decided to write kind of unusual post reporting Q.P.R. matches because of many problems and complications my club got during March and April, 2012. Going to tell you about them step-by-step.

1. Two wins

I had 2 very good games after unlucky match series reported in the last post.


8 goals scored in two games. It’s pleasant to see Sanogo and Campbell as goal scorers here. Video highlights of “goal galore” game against Swansea can be watched here:


2. Decent performance


Q.P.R. managed to make 2 draws against Sunderland and Liverpool, both results are considered good. But I didn’t know that I should better loose the game against Sunderland in FA Cup quarterfinal.

Chelsea overcame Q.P.R. quite easily, by class.


3. Stamina matters!

We lost the home replay quarterfinal match on penalties. It was so disappointing to loose it because Q.P.R. players did their best in the match having a real advantage over Sunderland. Take a look at the stats:

Advantage of QPR



My players were absolutely jaded after the match!



4. Consequences of fatigue


Then we had to play in the Premier League in 3 days after physically very hard quarterfinal. I had to put some new fresh players to the squad because part of the first team had Condition of 85% and lower.

QPR footballers showed a bad level of concentration, especially those who were jaded in the FA Cup quarterfinal. As a result we lost with 1:5 score in the nearly equal match.


The morale level of Q.P.R. players was decreased much after that. And it influenced the next 2 matches.

I dreamt to revenge Sunderland in the home PL game but suddenly they showed better performance and deserved their victory. My players didn’t manage to get out of psychological in the away game against Aston Villa as well…

I got scared and perplexed seeing my QPR at the 17 line in the table in 4 points from the relegation zone! Озадаченная рожица


5. Vital recovery of morale level

Then I organized a team meeting. It was a lucky one because 21 players reacted very well on my speech and only 3 (Materrazzi, Taarabt and injured Barton) became disappointed.

Terrifying Arsenal was our next opponent. My boys managed to hold onto draw in the fairly equal game.

Equal game against Arsenal

We started very well scoring twice. But then Paddy Kenny conceded 3 goals in 8 minutes!

Goals of Arsenal

DJ Campbell and Marco Verratti saved the game! The first one became an author of 2 goals, the second one provided 2 assists for the first one.

QPR - Arsenal, vital draw


Bottom part of the Premier League table


Finally, I can state Q.P.R. stays in 5 points from the relegation zone. Though Wigan still has one more match to play and may reduce the distance to 3 points. But the most important that we got out of the psychological pit after Arsenal match. Now it should be much easier to finish the season safely. Take a look at my four last fixtures in the 1st season:

Four last fixtures in the first season

Potentially I can get even 9 points winning both home matches and away match with Norwich. I’m pretty sure now there’s no more danger for Queens Park Rangers, we will stay in the league!


Q.P.R. players

QPR players

  Worst QPR players

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