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Queens Park Rangers (Q.P.R.) in FM 2012

A initial squad analysis when you start managing a new team matters. Actually it’s the most important thing as for me in a very beginning. Therefore I decided to analyse each player in details. Important to understand my thoughts are not stuck to any tactics. It’s a kind of versatile Q.P.R. squad review.

QPR squad

More QPR players



Paddy Kenny is surely number one goalie in my team. It seems he is a decent goalkeeper for Premier League.

Radek Cerny and Brian Murphy are too guys to substitute him in case of injury. They are rather different players. Cerny is experienced with very good Reflexes and high Tendency to Punch but poor Command of Area and average Aerial Ability. Newcomer Murphy is young and has more even levels of attributes. In my mind Murphy has a bit more chances to become the 2nd goalie.

Paddy Kenny

Paddy Kenny in Football Manager 2012



First of all I want to single Luke Young. He is well-known experienced full back with 7 caps for England. Q.P.R newcomer. Can play on both flanks. Here is also another versatile defender - Matthew Connolly. He is a Arsenal academy graduate, central defender with accomplished DL/DR position abilities. His only shortcoming is a speed.

Very determined Clint Hill is a slow (more slow than Connollly) commanding left back who can be used in the centre of defence as well. Fair good player due to high Bravery (19), Determination (18), Teamwork (17), Work Rate (17).

Experienced centre back Danny Gabbidon has low values of Jumping and Strength, both equal 11. I can’t imaging such a kind of central defender in my team, therefore he’ll be transfer listed. Anton Ferdinand is also not good enough in air: Strength=13, Jumping=12. I see how Q.P.R. looses points due to goals from corners… Moreover, Ferdinand has quite high wage of $64K. Maybe I have to get rid of this defender too.

Fitz Hall. Positioning is only 10, other attributes are pretty good. He has fairly high pace for central back - 15 points.

There is also a quite decent right full back Bradley Orr. He doesn’t possess high speed, his Passing is only 8. Bradley covers his shortcomings with almost perfect Determination (18), Work Rate (17), Team Work (16).

Luke Young

Luke Young in Football Manager 2012


Fitz Hall

Fitz Hall in Football Manager 2012



I decided to reckon Armand Traore more as a midfielder than defender. The newcomer from Arsenal is a classic wing back who often participates in attacks. Certainly his explosiveness (Pace=17, Acceleration=18) should help my team much.

Perhaps the best Q.P.R. player is Alejandro Forlin. The Argentinian is technically gifted footballer with very good pitch vision. He should become a team leader.

Another central midfielder Shaun Derry possesses amazing mental abilities. Though his technical and physical attributes are perceptibly lower. It’s also interesting that Derry has personality of Leader. So I think he can be useful player in spite of his age (33).

Aggressive Joey Barton came from Newcastle to strengthen the centre of our midfield. He is a determined and famous fighter with playmaker abilities who has the only serious minus – low Pace (10) and Acceleration (11).

Kieron Dyer (33 caps for England!) and Martin Rowlands… Well, they both look like substitution players, they both are 32 years old. Though Kieron is more versatile being able to perform as AMC, AMR, MR.

Petter Vaagan Moen. Left midfielder and winger from Norway who likes to curl ball and place shots. He can also play as AMC. The strongest sides are Crossing (15), Teamwork (15), Natural Fitness (15), and Passing (14). Moen will be playing in the main squad I suppose.

There is also Hungarian Akos Buzsaky who is more substitution midfielder. The lad has good Passing (16) and Flair (16) but lacks Teamwork (10) and Determination (8).

Q.P.R. has young flamboyant attacking midfielder Adel Taarabt from Morocco. He was the brightest team star in the previous season (in the real life) gaining Championship Player of the Year Award.  So I have some hopes that he’ll manage to continue performing well under my control. Great technical level of Adel is compensated with dreadful Team Work and Work Rate (both equal to 4).

Last but not least among the midfielder is right winger with big name – Shaun Wright-Phillips (36 caps and 6 goals for England). His salary is $105K eating 10% of whole wage budget. But I hope former Man City and Chelsea footballer will repay Q.P.R. with excellent performance in the Premier League. His super-speed will certainly come in handy.

Alejandro Forlin

Alejandro Forlin in Football Manager 2012


Joey Barton

Joey Barton in Football Manager 2012[5]


Shaun Wright-Phillips

Shaun Wright-Phillips in Football Manager 2012


Adel Taarabt

Adel Taarabt in Football Manager 2012



Q.P.R. has no stars among strikers. Probably best of them is Jay Bothroyd. Quite strong forward, being able to become a decent target man. It’s a pleasant also for me to know that he is a Arsenal academy graduate. Here is also quick DJ Campbell whom my assistant coach considers to be better than Bothroyd. Well, I don’t really agreeУлыбка

There is also very determined Tommy Smith. Quite good attacker. Though Smith is more AMR than SC.

Here I have also Heidar Helguson from Iceland. Unfortunately, he is 33 years old with Pace=12 and Acceleration=10. I think it will be a problem on Premier League level…

Jay Bothroyd

Jay Bothroyd in Football Manager 2012


Team report and conclusions

QPR team report

Finally I see the weakest part of Queens Park Rangers squad is defence. Actually I can say even more - centre of defence!  The problem is redoubled because I don’t believe in Anton Ferdinand and Danny Gabbidon. Don’t want to use him in my main squad because they will be easily beaten by PL forwards. So I will have to strengthen it despite any future formation. Left flank of midfield arouses suspicions…

Now I am already thinking over tactical approach and experimenting with it during numerous friendlies.

Author: Vitaliy

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