Wednesday, 5 October 2011

7+ fixtures till the story end…

Hello my dear readers!
The amount of people who are still interested in FM 2011 stories is getting lower. I see it every day watching my blog traffic stats. It’s a normal situation that repeats every year before a release of new game version.
Anyway there are still many readers that expect latest Boston news from me. And one of the most tempting things is that I will share my save file in the end. You’ll be able to continue Boston story soon. I think it will happen on this week!
But at first I should finish the 10th season.

Few transfers

Earning money
I decided to earn some money and get out of negative balance till the end of the season. Moreover, squad strength allowed me to make these transfers without decreasing DR and AMR positions much.
Transfer offer from Zenit was too tempting…

Latest Boston results

Fighting for the 7th position! Hope my Boston will take it in the end!
What can we see here? Strange defeat against Birmingham, struggling in 3 away last games… Though draw against Man United costs much!
It’s hard also to believe but Manchester City was beaten again. Though we had no that advantage as in the home Premier League match. It was a quite lucky game for my Boston actually…
Man City match

Lady Luck revenged me in the last home match of the reported period. My players didn’t manage to score at least once against Huddersfield having perceptible advantage:
PL match

Boston players

This is what happens with morale level of players if you play in hurry forgetting about team talks and player interaction… Hope I’ll cope the problem.

Future fixtures

Well, the last fixtures of the Boston story! I would like to play them till Saturday… Stay tuned.

Author: Vitaliy

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