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Boston: Transfers before the 10th season

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Boston United before the 10th season
Glad to inform I have already started the 10th season in Football Manager 2011. It is the 3rd season for my Boston United in the Premier League. This time I decided to run risks claiming mid-table finish expectation and making more transfers than I expected before the campaign.
$54M is a great reward for my braveryУлыбка
Though the odds and media prediction before transfer window start content that Boston should still be near PL relegation zone:
Media prediction


Players out

Players out
I sold many players as you see. Most sold footballers didn’t belong to a substitution bench even. I decided to sell those who have no prospect in the team. Here are 3 transfers that should be singled out:
1. George Forsyth (GK). Our goalie and captain got older and worse. You, my dear readers, advised me to sell him and find better keeper in the comments to this post. So I’ve done it.
2. Rodrigo (ST). Rodrigo had been the leading Boston striker in the 1st Premier League season. Then he has been injured for 90% of the last season… He lost all the chances to return the first squad position because of wonderkid striker Esteban Stivan who is becoming better and better…
3. Alex Billington (DL). Decent English left back. But I signed player of higher quality on his position.

Players in

Players in


2 goalies were signed instead of George Forsyth. At first I bought Wayne Hennessey and then I saw Wojciech Szczesny on a free transfer and couldn’t reject myself to sign a contract with him. So there will be a competition for GK position in the main squad.
How do you think who has more chances to become the first team goalkeeper: Hennessey or Szczesny?

Wayne Hennessey - $2.1M

Wayne Hennessey

Wojciech Szczesny - Free

Wojciech Szczensy in Football Manager 2011


Yannick Oudot - DR/DL/DC - $11M

It was our record transfer. I bought “the next Mexes” to use him as a right back. Well, I understand his pace is slow… So I case of fail he can be used as a central defender.
The problem is in that I didn’t manage to find better candidate for this position. Actually I had quicker guys (two young Brazilians) with accepted transfer offers but both failed work permits.

Christian Rodriguez - DL - $5.5M

Christian Rodriguez
New left defender looks awesome for his age! Only 18 years old! Christian Rodriguez is my hope that at least one defence hole is closed now.

Christian Barrientos - DC - $3.3M

Barrientos will start the season from substitution bench. But later I am going to move him to the first eleven, of course. Hope his training efforts will be of high level. He needs to improve his Concentration and Team Work.

MC - Playmaker

Ivan Perisic - Free

Ivan Perisic
I consider it’s a perfect signing for Boston. Experiened Perisic will be a new playmaker (MRC) getting maximum of his Creativity, Passing, Decisions and level of technique.


AML and AMR positions are the only that I am not happy with even now, after the transfer campaign. The market had no large amount of high-quality wingers who would agree to join Boston United. There were many attempts to buy the best of available:
- Bruno Cesar
- Defederico
- Marquinhos
At first I couldn’t meet their financial expectations. But then I managed to offer very high wages and bonuses to Defederico and Marquinhos that were accepted. Both wingers didn’t get the work permits… Печальная рожица Therefore I had to buy not so great flank attackers…

James Milner - Free

James Milner in Football Manager 2011
James Milner is slow. Though it’s the only serious shortcoming I see. His experience, high values of mental attributes, and position versatility will certainly help Boston United.
I don’t think I’ll use him on flanks due to low Pace…

Ali Ahmadi - AML, ST- $7M

Ali Ahamdi
I understand $7M is too high price for such winger. But try to understand me too - I had no better variants and needed new left winger.

Will Buckley - AMR, MC - $1.1M

Will Buckley in Football Manager 2011
Englishman Buckley is one of the advantageous transfers I suppose.


I signed 2 forwards instead of one because my main one Esteban Stivan had got injured for 7 weeks before the season start.

Gabriel Piris - $4.6M

Gabriel Piris
Gabriel Piris is a towering forward playing together with Stivan in Argentina U21. He will add some diversity in my tactical approaches in attack.

Giannis Mavridis - Free

Giannis Mavridis[4]
Explosive striker. Barcelona doesn’t needed him and let him go on free. Mavridis will also increase our tactical variety i attack because Stivan and Piris are not so speedy forwards.

Conclusion about the transfer campaign

We have the youngest squad in the league now.
I think the campaign was quite successful because I strengthened GK, DR, DL, MRC (Playmaker), ST positions. The only problem is about wingers. Boston needs higher reputation level to attract better flank attackers to the club.
And what do you think about my transfer campaign this time?

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