Monday, 26 September 2011

Before the last season of Boston story

First of all I want to inform that I selected top half finish expectations for the season (excuse me - forgot to make a screen shot in hurry). I do think it’s a achievable target.

Now some words about the transfers before season 11.


Players out

Players out

Few comments here:

- I sold Szczesny because I had got even better goalkeeper - Brazilian talent Silva.

- Selling Ben Powell was the very good bargain to gain $10M increasing transfer budget.


Players in

Players in

I didn’t do any squad revolution this year because I want to keep tactic familiarity levels on the highest level. 3 players were bought. All of them will play in the main squad.


Silva (GK)


Simply amazing goalie for such club as Boston United! Additionally, you see I managed to get the guy for free!


Jaroslav Janos (DR/DC)

Jaroslav Janos

Excellent right back from Czech Republic. Janos may become one of the best Boston players as far as I see.


Eldin Hadzic (AMC/AMR/AML/MC)

Eldin Hadzic

Versatile midfielder whom I going to use on the both flanks as winger. Pay attention his passing skill is not so good as his speed and dribbling.


Transfer and wage budgets after all

I have a good reserve in both budgets:




Team report

Team report


I have already started the season and like how things are going at the start. So stay tuned for the next Boston story report.

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