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Squad revolution before the 9th season

Dear readers, be prepared for the long post! I has finished rebuilding Boston squad before the 9th season of the story. The season will be the 2nd one in the Premier League for our “Blue Square North League team”.

Loss of Marcelinho

Marcelinho became the best Boston player of the debut PL season. I was not surprised receiving the largest amount of offers exactly regarding him. Boston chairman has been accepting all the offers and I has been cancelling them during few weeks until… Huddersfield made the minimum fee release clause:


I could only view the offer without opportunity to cancel it.  This is how I lost my leader of defence, very prospective Brazilian player Печальная рожица 

I understood I should work even harder during the upcoming transfer window.




Transfer money and wage budget

The board gave me quite high transfer budget and low wage budget. Though it’s much better than $220K before the previous season.

Season expectations


Players Out

Players out

I said ‘Bye’ to many non-first squad players. The most of them can defined into 2 groups: High wage and Too old.

High wage

- Kyle Bartley (DC)

- Ryan Mason (MC, ST)

- Walid Atta (DR, DC)

- Christoph Leitgeb (MC). Though his is 33 years old as well.

Too old

- Jeffrey Altheer (DR)

- Kalifa Cisse (DC, DMC)

- Marc Tierney (DL)

It’s also necessary to single out the profitable loan of Ross Barkley.


Players In

Players in

How do you like this list? Winking The long one! It contains 19 players. Surely there are several promising youngsters who were instantly moved to Boston Reserves. But the majority will be used in the main squad.

I won’t emphasize on every player, just want to describe for you Top 10 Boston transfers.


1. Robson (MC) - $110K

Robson in Football Manager 2011

This super-talent was found in Slavia Prague. And you see that low amount of money I paid… Hope this wonderkid will become a Boston leader, hope I’ll be able to keep him happy in the squad for many seasons. Fortunately, he has no minimum release clause fee in the contract.


2. Esteban Stivan (SC) - $7M

Esteban Stivan in Football Manager 2011

It’s my attempt to find a great forward for Boston United. Esteban Stivas is only 18 years old! Looks like another wonderkid for my club Cool

Pay attention that my offer beat the offers of Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and Independiente.

Stivan prefers Boston


3. Adama Soumaoro (DC) - $3.9M   -  Great return!

Adama Soumaro in FM 2011


I decided to replace Marcelinho with central back who became the best Boston player 3 years ago being on loan in our team. I know Adama Soumaoro very well that should help to decrease risks of putting new weak DC in the first squad.

Though it’s clearly that better central defender has to be found in the next season to increase reliability of the last line.


4. Ben Powell (DMC/MC/DC) - $2.4M

Ben Powell in Football Manager 2011

Promising midfielder from Manchester United. Powell’s speed is awesome for central midfielder!


5. Mike Okoduwa (AMR/MC) - Loan fee $525K

Mike Okoduwa in FM 2011

Mike Okoduwa is quick and non-typical player whom I going to use on the right flank. Highly determined, speedy and having fine technical level. Hope his Tackling will help to hassle opponent’s pressing.

I like loaning Arsenal talents Happy


6. Emmanuel Adebayor (SC) - Free!

Emmaneul Adebayour in FM 2011

I am fan of Arsenal in the real life. Therefore I could not reject myself in signing Emma Adebayor. Moreover, he agreed on very average wage.


7. Mohamed Sissoko (DMC/MC) - Free!

Mohammed Sissoko in FM 2011

Another awesome Boston newcomer! It’s well known that Momo is very tough ball tackler. The only shortcoming is his speed.


8. Gary Deegan (MC) - Free!

Gary Deegan in Football Manager 2011

Experienced Irish central midfielder with great mental skills. I will use Gary as substitution player for Robson on MRC position with Advanced Playmaker role.


9. Jeff Holland (AML) - Loan fee $120K

Jeff Holland in FM 2011

Quick and decent left winger. Seems like he’ll start the first matches from a substitution bench.


10. Emmanuele Terranova (DC, DR) - $1.2M

Emanuele Terranova in FM 2011

Experienced Terranova is my attempt to increase depth of the squad in defence. He can play as central and right back having decent attribute values for the both positions.


Boston finances after the transfers

Now please look what financial situation I have after all.

Wage budget:

Wage budget

Very close to the wage limit. The board rejected to increase it ignoring my request.

General finances:

Balance and transfer budget

$12M unspent! It’s the money I can use in winter fixing up my transfer mistakes. You know normally I make them Winking




Author: Vitaliy

Playing Football Manager since 1996. Blogging about it since 2007.