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My Premier League tactics

If you are searching for Football Manager 2012 tactics, please take a look at my Supersonic tactics used in Forest story.

Premier League tactics in FM 2011
Some of you, dear readers, started asking me about Boston tactics in the Premier League. This is what for I am writing this post.  Boston story was started with this Football Manager 2011 tactics originally created by me. Later on in the League 2 I felt a need in moving central midfielder to DMC position. You can read about the change in the tactics here: Decent start in League 2.
As a result it has been my main tactics till the current first Premier League season. By the way you can download it following the link:
4-3-3 True FM Tactics
Tough level of Premier League clubs made me use my default tactics less often than the new one with rigid counter-attacking style. It’s download link:
4-3-3 Rigid Counter-Attacking Tactics


4-3-3 Rigid Counter-Attacks

Actually it’s still 4-3-3 True FM tactics with changes in team instructions and 2 player roles. It’s purposes and main features are:
- Resisting stronger opponent teams
- Careful ball control
- Working more like a team in rigid philosophy and sticking to positions
- Efficient counter-attacks
Here you can see the tactics changes comparing to 4-3-3 True FM.

Team instructions

Team instructions of FM 2011 tactics
The tactical innovations are:
- Philosophy: Rigid
- Strategy: Counter
- Creative Freedom: More Disciplined
- Roaming: Stick To Position


MLC as Ball Winning Midfielder with Defend duty

The MLC role in 4-3-3 True FM tactics was Central Midfielder with Support duty.
MLC as Ball Winning Midfield with Defend duty

MRC as Box To Box Midfielder

The MRC role in 4-3-3 True FM tactics was Advanced Playermaker with Support duty.

That’s all folks! If you have any questions I will be happy to answer on themУлыбка

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