Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Boston promoted to the Premier League!!!

Boston United promoted to the Premier League

Hurrah!!! I have fantastic feelings because Boston United has just promoted to the Premier League at last!Party

After 2 failed Championship seasons… The 3rd one has become a successful and lucky. Amazing!


How Boston finished in the season

Last matches in the 7th season

My team didn’t play well last 6 fixtures and nearly lost the 6th position in the table. Though we were very concentrated during the last game against Sheffield United and didn’t concede a goal scoring once. It was enough to breathe with relief and get into the playoff rounds. Look how the 7th Southampton was very close to overtake my club:

Final Championship table, season 7



Then I had difficult 3 matches in the playoffs. Fortunately, with happy end!


Boston United vs West Ham

Boston United vs West Ham, FM 2011

Boston United vs West Ham, FM 2011


Playoff Final

Playoff Final against Leicester

Watch the goals in this video.


Player rankings in the Playoff Final

The Playoff Final report

You see in the end I should thank young Boston talent David Hyde who scored his first goal in career that became the most important goal of the season for the team!

David Hyde

David Hyde


Boston players

Finally, I feel exhausted and happy… It’s even difficult to analyse the squad at the moment. I think I will write a separate post trying to understand the squad strength before the start in the Premier League.

Now I want you to see how Boston players finished the season:

Boston players in the 7th season, FM 2011


The best and most persistent players were Juan Manuel Aguirre (STC), David Abbott (DMC), Marc Tierney (DL) and Kyle Bartley (DC). At last I got a forward who had been performing almost like a goal machine. 22 goals in 37 match is the really nice result. It’s a pity but Aguirre was only loaned. So he will return to Manchester City very soon. Though I’m almost sure I will try to buy or loan him again in the next season!

Juan Manuel Aguirre

Juan Manuel Aguirre in FM 2011

Stats of Juan Manuel Aguirre

Stats of Juan Manuel Aguirre


Premier League! Be prepared for Boston debut! Cool

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