Wednesday, 15 June 2011

At the 4th position after 23 fixtures…

My plan of promotion to the Premier League becomes more and more realistic. Boston United had a very good series of matches in November and December.

Season 7, Boston matches

Only 2 games were lost. Suddenly my team was slashed at home by former Premier League teams: Peterborough and Sheffield United. 0:5 and 0:3 - that’s too much! Angry

Nevertheless we have found ourselves at the quite comfortable 4th position in the table. And it’s only 3 points distance to the 2nd position.

Boston going the fourth

Matches of Boston United

There were many interesting matches during reported period. I gave screenshots and video highlights of some of them at my additional blog:

0:5 vs Peterborough + 5:2 vs Watford

3 goals in one match by one team

Now I want to share the screenshot of very important game against Sheffield United.

Boston vs Sheffield, FM 2011

Why do I make an accent on this match? There are two concrete reasons. The first is regarding competition for two highest lines in the table and corresponding promotion. It’s obvious. The second one is a bit tricky. You see Ryan Mason got injured by one of Sheffield players. He will be absent for 7 weeks. And I have no good forward at my command at all because the main goalscorer Juan Manuel Aguirre was injured earlier for 4 weeks…

Boston players

Boston players in the 7th season


Unfortunately injury list is even more frightening because the team leader David Abbott and the main central back Kyle Bartley are also missing matches.

Now I have weak defence and unpleasantly weak attack. I felt a real weakness without these players in the match against Sheffield United. Club wage budget doesn’t allow me to get a new efficient forward or defender. So we will see how the current squad copes with the problematic January matches.

In the end I want to underline the importance of David Abbott for my team. He was the best player of the reported period.

David Abbott

David Abbott - Boston leader

Abbott’s form is truly great! This is how the guy has been performing at DMC position with Anchor Man role in the last fixtures:

David Abbott's form

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