Sunday, 29 May 2011

In one position from playoffs…

The season 6 has come to the end. Boston United finished at the 7th position in the Championship – just in one position of so desired playoffs. Though the distance between Wigan and Boston is too long:

Championship table, season 6image

It’s perceptibly better than the previous year result I must confess. You can compare:

Championship results comparison

What do we see comparing the results of two Championship seasons?

Boston United had better defence this year having only 43 goals conceded against 53 in the previous one. Though attack was less efficient. Obviously I should do everything in my power to strengthen attacking force in the next season…

Sure, I am not happy with the 7th position. Though Boston board is really satisfied with our performance:




Last Championship matches

Here are the last played matches of Boston United:

last played matches of Boston United

As you see scoring much is still too complicated for my players. Almost 1 goal per game, whereas I expected 2 goals.

The most entertaining match was against Hull. Both teams showed a high will to win. Boston was very close to victory leading 2:1 on the 90th minute. But suddenly Hull attacker made a great run coming almost one on one with our keeper. So Adama Soumaoro was obliged to make a last hope’s fault receiving red card for that. Then we got a goal from free kick set near a penalty area.

Boston - Hull


Boston players

I have very ambiguous relation to my players this time. Some of them disappointed me, other showed themselves as reliable footballers.

Boston players in the 6th season


MVP of this season and the largest surprise is Adama Soumaoro. He had record 11 Man of the Match awards, scored 9 goals during corners. It would be great if I buy or loan him again in the next season.


Among the disappointments I can enumerate:

- Scott Parker

- Steve Irwin

- Gaucho

- Morten Rasmussen

Most of these players will leave Boston United in summer. Actually I still thinking about future of Gaucho. His Finishing and Composure weren’t increased during the season. Definitely they have to be higher for inside forward.

So how do you think should I sell this youngster?



Positions to strengthen

Now I want to share with you my thoughts about the most problematic squad positions. And I’d like to join them with statistics analysis of current players.

Central defenders

Central defenders

I can’t say the centre of defence has been causing problems. Soumaoro was great. Gunther showed a confident performance making more slow Ivens to sit on a substitution bench. The only issue I am worried is that Soumaoro and Gunther were loaned players. I have to search for 2 new central Boston backs.


Left inside forwards

Left inside forwards

As I have already said Gaucho disappointed me much. Average rating 6.76 is very bad, you understand. Emil Halfredsson was the most reliable attacker in the team. Unfortunately, his speed is getting lower and lower. In June he’ll become 32...


Right inside forwards

Right inside forwards

Slightly better situation on another flank. Roy O’Donovan doesn’t correspond to the level of inside forward I expect now. Davie McLean was quite good in spite of his low efficiency during one-on-ones. I have newbie Florian Klein who wasn’t allowed to start playing for Boston United in the second half of the season. So I have certain hopes on this guy.




Rasmussen, Tiboni, O’Donovan… Simply not enough. In winter I bought prospective Ryan McKenna and moved Ryan Mason to striker position. It made situation with poor goal scoring somewhat better. But surely I dream to sign a forward that I could call a goal machineУлыбка.

Author: Vitaliy

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