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League 1 roller-coaster continues

Hello my dear readers!

Today I am going to start with a remade episode 6 of NTM’s video story and continue telling your about adventures of my Boston United in League 1 and JPT.

NTM’s new episode 6

The episode was remade due to numerous game crashes. NTM had to load old save and replay few months:


Boston United roller-coaster

Well, League 1 roller-coaster continues for my team. Fortunately, we are going up a hill now and find ourselves at the 4th position in the table!

Boston United at the 4th position in League 1, FM 11

This is how Boston league position has been change since the very start of the season:

Positions roller-coaster in League 1, FM 11

“How did it happen?” you may ask. My players (though not all) blended into the team and started to perform better. Moreover, I shuffled the starting eleven and determined better one in the end.

Last Boston games in FM 11

January was very successful for Boston United. As a result everybody got awards: Last League 1 awards. The victory over Leyton Orient was perhaps the most important in this row of matches. I was afraid that quite tough opponent could win the game and bring down very good players’ morale a bit.

Another complicated game was against League 1 leader – Swindon: Tough game against League 1 leader.

February wins returned us to playoffs zone and made me even dreaming of the 2nd position.


Johnstone’s Paint Trophy success

I am glad to boast with winning JPT North final! Competing with York from League 2 was not too tough for my team. Though I was really careful with tactical approach and strategy used in these 2 matches.

Match #1

Standard strategy was used. As a result we got an equal performance from both sides. It’s a pity my guys didn’t manage to make at least one shot on target.

First JPT match against York, FM 11


Match #2

I was quite confident before the second match against York. The most part of the game was played using Control strategy and attacking through flanks. Boston United had total advantage over the opponent. And, yes, we should score more goals:

Second JPT match against York, FM 11

Finally, Millwall awaits us in the JPT final:

Millway in the JPT final, FM 11


Performance of the players

Let’s start my short players’ performance analysis with the traditional screen shot:

Boston players in League 1, FM 11

I am not happy with  Ben Chorley (DC), Nate Short (DC) (forgot to put the last line of the screenshot with his name and stats here) and Ahmad Benali (DR, DMC).

I am happy with Ramm (DR), Maras (DC) and Webster (DC). The defenders made me to believe that the last line is the strongest part of my team. So you see I have very good first eleven’s players at DC and DR positions and poor footballers for these positions on a substitution bench.

Jackson Ramm

Jackson Ramm in FM 11

I would like to single out Jackson Ramm. He is really great full back for League 1 level. His speed and ability to fight for a ball till the end admires me.


Bad news awaited me in the end of the reported period. Both 2 main central defenders got injured for 4-5 weeks…

Injured Byron Webster, FM 11

Injured Jean-Christophe Maras, FM 11

Now I can use 3 central backs instead of Maras and Webster: Chorley, Short and young Lindsay. The first two are still blending into the team. The last one has poor Tackling and Decision (below 7). So I am kind of scared now that my team can go down the table and leave playoff zone with such bad defenders…

Soukouna is sold

Well, nothing special. I just want to report that youngster from Mali didn’t impress me. He didn’t manage score at least one goal. Therefore Soukouna was sold for good $70K:

Soukouna is sold, FM 11

Amadou Soukouna in FM 11

Performance of Soukouna, FM 11


Decisive matches are ahead!

Boston United’s performance in the matches enumerated below will give answers on two questions:

- Will Boston United promote to the Championship?

- Will Boston United win the JPT final against Millwall?

How do you think? Your forecast?

Future Boston matches in League 1 and JPT, FM 11


Author: Vitaliy

Playing Football Manager since 1996. Blogging about it since 2007.