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Football Manager 2012

LAST UPDATE - 06.10.2011

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Football Manager 2012
The last patch for Football Manager 2011 numbered as 11.3.0 has been already released. Now I think we can start a fascinating discussion about Football Manager 2012. We have a half of year till FM 2012 release to raise ideas of new features for the game. Sports Interactive team follows such discussions; so don’t afraid to tell your opinion and you’ll be heard! Let’s try to answer the question: 

What enhancements would you dream to see in Football Manager 2012?

Here is my list of new features:
- History of player attributes’ changes since the very 1st season.
- Integration with other sites and services. Facebook, for instance.
- Inner blogging. I would love to have internal tool to blog straight from Football Manager 2012! I think SI Games should think over this idea because there are FM community of bloggers grew much since the last year.
- Better team-talks. More options are needed. The result of team-talks should be less predictable.
- Better graphics in the 3D match.
- More feedback from players about some things or club events they like or dislike.
- Talking to with staff members seems also a nice feature.
- More participation in youth development, opportunity of contribution to youth academy somehow.

Controversial ideas

Football Manager 2012 Ideas
I would like also to mention 3 controversial ideas I hear from Football Manager gamers quite often. I don’t really like all of them but may be we’ll give birth to smarter thoughts in discussion:
1. Option to disable regens
Some people don’t like regens at all and would want to see the game without generated players. I don’t see how FM 2012 will remain realistic in that case.

2. Becoming a Chairman/Assistant Manager/Coach/Scout/Physio
The game is called Football Manager but not Football Chairman or Football Scout!
3. Spending  money you earn as manager
People want to do something with manager salary. I think it’s good but I don’t really see efficient Footbal Manager-styled way to put the money somewhere. I heard ideas of buying houses, cars, wives, land… Betting the money sounds somewhat better idea but anyway it’s not about football management.

What do you think of these controversial features?
I wonder also what new features would you like to see in Football Manager 2012?

Author: Vitaliy

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