Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Football Manager 2011 Site List

We are large Football Manager community!

Football Manager community has never been so large and strong as at the current moment! Therefore I decided to create the largest list of almost all Football Manager 2011 sites. It should help FM gamers to orient themselves in Football Manager web community globally. Consider this article a global web guide or navigator for Football Manager gamers.

Pay attention also that all links to other FM sites are "dofollow".

ATTENTION: The list is extendable! If you know any English Football Manager site out of the list just inform about it writing a comment.

The main requirement for all sites in the list is a language. Only English sites are accepted here. Another requirement is that each site shouldn’t be younger than 2 months.


FM 2011 Communities

All Football Manager communities were divided into 2 groups depending on the core part of sites: either blogs or forums.

Blogging communities

FMCrowd.com – community of FM 2011 bloggers consisting of more than 530 separate blogs, project of Vitaliy Mokosiy.

FootballManagerStory.com – consolidated 10-12 blogs and social network by Johnny Karp and Darren Smith.

TheFootyManager.com – the oldest blogging community started by Niall Walsh in 2007.


Forum communities

FMScout.com – perhaps the most known and oldest FM community having forums, blogs, downloads, tactics, player lists, etc.

FM-Britain.co.uk – many articles about tactics and forum with 15000+ members.

FMFormation.net – downloads, articles and forum with 60000+ members.

FM-View.com – different good articles and forum with 2900+ members.

TheAwayStand.co.uk – popular forums with 1400+ members and interesting community blog.

PlayFootballManager.com – young community with 1000+ members in their forum.


FM 2011 Forums

FM-Base.co.uk - 273000+ members, the most popular FM forum.

Community.SIGames.com – 213000+ members, forum of the Game creators.

SortItOutsi.net - 126000+ members, creators of famous Cut-Out Faces Megapack, great amount of FM utilities and graphics.

TheDugout.tv - 73000+ members.

CMFrenzy.com - 44000+ members.

FMDiscussion.com -  10000+ members.

FootballManagerPortal.co.uk - 10000+ members.

FMGamer.com - 6500+ members.

FMRTE.com - 6000+ members

FootballManagerFanBoys.net – 3700+ members, well-designed forum.

FMReporter.com - 700+ members

FootballManagerTeamTalk.com - 120+ members


FM 2011 Blogs

TrueFootballManager.com – popular FM blog of Vitaliy Mokosiy, started in 2007.

FMPundit.com – intelligent blog by Thomas Levin, started in 2009.

FMStory.com – pretty looking blog by Lye Kuek Hin. Start date – October, 2009.

FootballManagerFreak.com – one of the oldest FM blogs started in 2008.

DueNorth.me – quite new blog with unique feature - FM comics.

FMAddicted.com – started in 2009.

AidTheBoss.com – nice-styled FM blog.

FootballManagerSite.com – active and interesting blog started in 2010.

FMCenter.co.uk – started in February, 2010.

FMBuff.com – decent FM blog.

AllAboutFm.com – another one of new decent blogs about FM 2011.

FMCrazy.FMCrowd.com – the top blog in Football Manager Crowd community.

FootballManagerPlayer.Blogspot.com – decent young FM blog.

FMObsessive.Blogspot.com - young blog of Olly Hunter.


FM 2011 Facebook groups

Group of James Hill - 2600+ members

Group of Vitaliy Mokosiy - 1400+ members

Group of James Shrubb - 9900+ members (not really active group)


FM 2011 Sites of the Game creators

FootballManager.com – official Football Manager 2011 site

SIGames.com – Sports Interactive Games, creators of the Game.


Other FM 2011 sites

There are some Football Manager 2011 sites that I cannot classify so easy:

FMDownloads.com – site of Cut-Out Faces Megapack.

Football-Manager.info – English FM portal by Polish guys.

FMDugout.com – fresh new FM 2011 site.

FootballManagerMad.com – unusual but good Football Manager 2011 site.

FootballManagerWiki.com – Wikipedia-like site about Football Manager.

TheGaffa.co.uk – old inactive FM site.

Author: Vitaliy

Playing Football Manager since 1996. Blogging about it since 2007.