Friday, 11 February 2011

Decent start in League 2

Hello dear readers,

today I’m going to tell you about the first matches of Boston United in League 2.

Boston results

Boston United in League 2, FM 2011

I think the League 2 start was decent for my team. We are nearby play-off zone after the 1st third of the season.

Here are the matches played by Boston United including our numerous friendlies:

Boston United matches in League 2

What I can say looking to this list… Boston lost a lot of matches, was eliminated from League Cup 1 and JP Trophy in the first rounds, conceded too many goals… The main cause of these problems is for sure team blending process – you remember I signed a lot of new players making squad revolution: Boston transfers: New team for League 2! Some new players have just started to adapt in the team.

Let’s take a look at some matches. This is how we got out of League Cup:

Huddersfield - Boston United 3:2

Seeing only the score one could think there was a real fight in this match. But actually it was not as you see from match stats.


The first League 2 match that made me proud of my team is the one against Aldershot. Excellent fightback by Boston United:

Aldershot - Boston United 2:3, comeback

You can also view highlights of this match here: Aldershot – Boston United 2:3, first comeback by my team


The most awful loss in Boston history happened in the 5th fixture of League 2:

Boston - Bournemouth

Leading Bournemouth had amazing start crushing most opponents with large scores:

Bournemouth matches in Football Manager 2011

They devastated my team scoring 5 goals so easy… That was the moment when I felt at first I need to change tactics a bit.


Change in tactics

After 2:4 loss to Carlisle I thought that too many goals had been conceded in the very beginning of the season. I understood my defenders need some perceptible help from the centre of the midfield. Therefore I moved my MC to DMC position setting Anchor Man duty. I suppose this tactical change will make my team more firm and reliable in defence.

Tactics with Anchor man, Football Manager 2011


Boston players

Boston United players, FM 2011


OK, a lot of new players started to play for Boston United this season. This is the reason why I would like to tell my opinion regarding the best and the worst performers:

The best newbies

1. Maceo Rigters who scored 9 goals and has much better average rating than all other Boston players is certainly the very best newcomer. This Dutchman is really quick and unpredictable in a good sense.

2. Franklin Anzite is pretty tough DMC who beats opponents using physics.

3. Sydney Platjies. He became our new playmaking midfielder. Good start. But I hope to see more assists from him.

4. Thierry Goree. In spite of non-prominent average rating (6.79) I want to praise this new goalie. Sometimes he makes very good saves.


The worst newbies

1. Lubomir Michalik. Terrible start by so experienced central back. He made a lot of mistakes during this period. Therefore I decided to move Michalik to substitution bench replacing him with good old Abdou Sall.

2. Courtney Husband. Young prospective midfielder is still on the way to adapt in Boston United.

3. Cedrik Evina. Former Arsenal player didn’t impress. I made the conclusion he can’t be used as DL. Evina is really weak in air and poor in ball tackling. Only AML position is possible for this guy in my team.


We had many difficulties during League 2 start, but I think when new players gain good team play understanding we will make our way to the TOP 3 and promote to League 1 in the end!

Author: Vitaliy

Playing Football Manager since 1996. Blogging about it since 2007.