Saturday, 22 January 2011

BSP League Top 5 is packed

Ok, I am already in the way to finish the 2nd season. At the moment I have 32 fixtures played in the BSP League:

Blue Square Premier League, FM 11

You see the current Top 5 is really packed. Stevenage, at the 1st position, has 63 points. My placed took the 5th line with gap of only 4 points. So all the title struggle is ahead. Frankly speaking, I hope to take the title because I am afraid of playoffs Озадаченная рожица


Boston matches

Latest Boston matches in BSP, FM 11

The start of November was very poor because of 3 losses in row to Cambridge, Sheffield Wednesday and Braintree.  Here you can find the screen shots of my loss in FA Cup: Sheffield Wednesday is too tough for my team. Sheffield Wednesday didn’t give us any chance to oppose… But then my team returned to the stable level of wins diluted with rare failures.

One of the biggest failures is the strange loss to leading Stevenage:

Boston - Stevenage 1:3, FM 11

It was the equal game but, as usually, my attackers showed poor efficiency at the final stage. Actually the low amount of realized scoring chances is the most serious problem of Boston United now.

Players and missed scoring chances

Boston players in the 2nd season, FM 11

Worst Boston players in the 2nd season, FM 11

I have only 2 attackers who score goals more or less efficiently (I mean the percentage of scored goals): James Collins (FC) and Abdeltareck Sakali (AMR). Other forwards and wingers are simply wasting my nerves… So many missed goal chances… I will need new attackers for the next season – it’s for sure.


Benjamin Genot

Benjamin Genot in FM 11

Now some words about Boston newbie. Genot is my new left back. Great signing for Boston United. I started using him at DL position at the moment he arrived to the team. Therefore Lionel Djebi-Zadi (other our DL) became central defender, he has accomplished position level for that.

Genot start his career at Boston United quite well:

The first performances of Genot, FM 11

Abdou Sall

Just want to single out Sall. He is one of Boston leaders and the best player of the reported period. He leads our defences and scores goals during corners from time to time:

Abdou Sall in Football Manager 2011

Performances of Abdou Sall, FM 11


In the end I want to say that I hope my players will summon their strengths for the final 14 fixtures. We need BSP title very much!

Author: Vitaliy

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