Saturday, 8 January 2011

Boston has won Blue Square North league

Well, this is what I predicted a half of season ago. The advantage of my Boston United over other BSN league clubs is obvious. Just look at the differences of scored and conceded goals. Boston has +55, the 2nd and the 3rd teams have +31 and +39 correspondingly:

The first season is over

Here are the last Boston matches in the first season:

The last matches of Boston United in the 1st season

Excellent finish as for me! Only 4 points lost and 5 goals conceded in 11 matches. I think we should be among the favourites in the Blue Square Premier league from the very start of the next season!


Boston United players

Traditional list of my players sorted by average rating:

Boston players in FM 2011

The highest ratings are got by 3 defenders - Benyachou, Sall, Djebi-Zadi – and 2 wing attackers – Vaz and Sakali.

Patrick Vaz became the best player of the league at all:

Patrick Vaz - the player of the season in FM 2011

Though Boston Utd’s fans didn’t agree with voting of managers and decided that Abdou Sall had been the best player in our team this year:

Abdou Sall - Fans' Player of the Year in FM 2011

In the end I want to show you some player statistics for the whole where my players succeeded:

Goals statistics, FM 2011

Man of the Match, FM 2011

Dribbles per Game, FM 2011\

Average Rating, FM 2011

These guys have been amazing during the whole season. But it doesn’t mean that we are ready for Blue Square Premier League. There are some problems in the squad. For instance, weak attackers (Laslandes’s pace have fallen to 3, Moses-Garvey is simply poor striker), speed of Patrick Vaz has started to go down, our defence is not that reliable sometimes and so on…

A deeper squad analysis, information about transfers and season targets for the 2nd season will be in the next post of Boston United story. Just keep up reading!

Author: Vitaliy

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