Friday, 24 December 2010

This is how my Boston started the season…

I am glad to tell you that Boston United made the successful start. I’m almost sure I won’t be sacked by board this time Подмигивающая рожица Currently my club is at the 3th position, in 3 points from the leading Telford:


This is the result I like! Radical squad changes didn’t influence much on our performance at the season’s start. Look, Boston United has the best difference of scored and conceded goals – 20!

Here are the matches we played:

Boston United matches at the start

There are only 2 losses. Nice results as for me! Don’t know even how to comment most of the matches. Boston United is merely better than the majority of Blue Square North League teams.

I just want you to watch highlights of the most slashing victory of Boston United:

By the way, more highlights and screenshots can be found at my additional blog – True Football Manager +.


Tactics I created

Low league football is very simple. It consists of many tackles, poor passes, a lot of mistakes, weird goals… It’s quite easy to overwhelm other teams signing players having high speed, for instance. Though tactics is still really significant I believe.

So this time I used 4-3-2-1 formation:

Tactics used in Blue Square North League\

Short passes, pressing, 2 inside forwards with Support role, fluent wing backs, 1 deep-lying playmaker… There are a lot of smart minds (boasting myself Подмигивающая рожица) aggregated in this tactical approach. I will describe it in the separate post, probably the next one.

Match Prepartion

Obviously it’s not efficient to train low league players developing their attributes. Just because of weak coaches and their amount restriction from board. Therefore I placed the emphasis on Match Prepartion part setting Very High workload. I think it’s truly important to gain high level of team play. Players should understand my tactical ideas deeply at earliest convenience:

Very high workload, FM 2011

Tactic familiarity levels I had at October, 16, 2010:


They seem pretty high for the middle of October!


Boston United players

Here is the traditional list of players sorted by average rating:


First of all I want to praise my French trio in attack:

- Lilian Laslandes (FC) is amazing goal scorer for such league level. Even with Pace = 5.

- Patrick Vaz (AML) wins almost all runs with the ball due to high speed. He scores goals and makes a lot of assists. Boston United MVP at the start!

- Abdeltareck Sakali (AMR) – another quick French inside. Speed (Pace=14) is his main advantage. Unfortunately he often misses goal changes shooting the ball to the stands Улыбка

I have very good central midfielders. They are certainly good enough to win the title this year. The best of them is very determined Wayne Graves.

Defence seems the most weak part of the team. But here I have one star as well – Mohamed Benyachou who plays at DR position. Very consistent performer, I have to confess.

Additionally I signed another young central defender having some short reserve of the wage budget:


He is 18. Nothing special but he is at good level already.

In the end I posted the profile of my main goalkeeper - James McKeown. I remember some of you, my dear readers, asked me to do that:

James McKeown in Footbal Manager 2011

James is a good and valuable goalie for my team. Unfortunately his loan contract ends in winter…

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