Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Football Manager 2011 Schedules

If you are seeking Football Manager 2012 trainings, then I advise you to take a look at these my FM 2012 schedules.

Football Manager 2011 Training Schedules
Many of you asked me to share the training schedules I use in Football Manager 2011.  Here they are. I created them for Deportivo story. The main ideas behind this pack of trainings are heavy workload and differentiation by positions. So if you are going to use it don’t forget checking happiness status of your players. Just decrease workload moving a player to one of general schedules if he becomes unhappy with his training.
My FM11 training schedules are formed for the positions and roles:
Schedule name Who should be trained
GK Goalkeepers
WBL-WBR Left and right defenders, wing backs
DC Central defenders
DMC Defensive central midfielders
MC Central midfielders
ML/MR Left and right midfielders
MC (Playmaker) Attacking midfielders
AML/AMR Wingers
FC (Poacher) Forwards with Poacher role
FC (Other) Forwards with other roles
Additionally there are 4 training schedules for youth team:
- GK (Youth)
- D (Youth)
- M (Youth)
- F (Youth)

Download FM 2011 schedules

Football Manager 2011 schedules file

How to import training schedules?

Steps to install Football Manager 2011 schedules:
1. Download ZIP file using the link above.
2. Unpack the file.
3. Copy unpacked TSH files to any folder you like. I prefer to use Football Manager 2011 user data folder for that.
4. Then follow this path in Football Manager 2011:  <first tab named by your club> –> Trainings –> Schedule button –> Manage Schedules…
5. Use Import button to add the schedules to your game one by one from the folder where you copied the TSH files.
Hope these FM 2011 trainings schedules will be helpful for you! Улыбка

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