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Football Manager 2011 Facepacks

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Football Manager 2011 Facepacks
It’s always pleasant to play Football Manager having facepacks installed. So one of my first actions after new FM installation was an attempt to add player faces from Cut-Out Megapack created by guys from site. I downloaded it here:

Download FM 2011 Player Faces Megapack

Megapack information

You have 2 options to get these faces:
- use free sites like FileFront or EasyShare downloading part by part. It can took more than day.
- pay $1, become premium member and download 3GB of faces in half of hour (though it depends on speed of your Internet connection).
This huge Football Manager 2011 facepack contains more than 80000 of player and staff faces. Any other information and support if you need it is available at the site of the authors: Support forums.

How to install FM 2011 Cut-Out Megapack

The process of installation is explained in this forum thread:

Megapack 3.0 Official Help Thread

If you don’t succeed you can ask for a help there.

My problems with Football Manager 2011 facepacks

This is the most weird what happened with me after Football Manager 2011 release. I downloaded the megapack successfully but didn’t managed to install it Печальная рожица
Problem #1 – solved:
Football Manager 2011 didn’t pick up and load player faces independently of chosen user data folder. ‘Skin Cache’ was unticked and ‘Always reload on confirm’ was enabled of course. I tried to copy face files in default ‘My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2011\graphics’ folder as well as in my user folders changing corresponding setting in FM preferences but no luck.
In the end the problem was solved after the moment I had installed Football Manager 2011 from DVD and run it as Administrator in Windows 7.
Steam version of FM 11 cannot be run under Administrator rights.
Problem #2 – unsolved:
While running in Administrator mode Football Manager 2011 started to hang up during loading and stopping the process with critical error in few minutes. I tried to analyse memory usage by means of Task Manager and saw that FM 2011 eats 2GB fluently and then crash appears. Then I moved my the facepack and saw that FM 11 loaded successfully.
Cannot resolve this problem completely. But I invented a workaround Light bulb:
- downloaded smaller facepacks of several leagues from FM-Base forum + Jackioo’s 2011 Facepacks.
- ticked ‘Show Unique ID’s’ in Football Manager 2011 preferences. So if I need a face of a concrete player I search it by ID that corresponds to file name with his face in Megapack folder. If it’s found I copy it to my ‘user data’ folder of Football Manager 2011
It is at first when I have issues with facepack installation in Football Manager. Previous versions of the game didn’t cause such kind of problems.

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