Friday, 22 October 2010

Leeds United versus Barcelona

Meanwhile you’ve started playing Football Manager 2011 demo I am trying to finish Leeds story game in FM 2010. Today I prepared a special post devoted to the encounter with Barcelona in the first Champions League knockout round.

I’ll start with top 5 of La Lige:

Top 5 of La Lige

You see Barcelona is in the similar situation as my Leeds in Premier League. At the top. Future national champions.

Match 1

The first match was played at Now Camp. Teams presented the following squads and tactics:

Barcelona vs Leeds, FM 10

Unfortunately Barcelona was more lucky in pretty equal game when my guys could score twice at least:

Barcelona - Leeds 2:0

I felt that we are equal in this struggle for quarter final of Champions League. Here are player ratings:

Player ratings of Leeds and Barcelona

And yes – poor finishing of my team:

Poor finishing costs Leeds


Match 2

I had definite hopes on home match because I decided to choose attacking first eleven for it. We scored twice in the first half and it was brilliant. But then Barcelona started to struggle, they managed to hold the game until extra time. Though Marco Verratti hit the post from free kick in the very end of the 2nd half… Then power shot of Vagner Love deleted Leeds out of Champions League contenders list.

Leeds United - Barcelona 

Players ratings

Leeds victory not enough

This is how the battle between best English and Spanish teams of this season ended up.

Author: Vitaliy

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