Monday, 18 October 2010

Football Manager 2011 Demo Download

Football Manager 2011 Demo 

Are you ready for Football Manager 2011 Demo? Happy


Download Football Manager 2011 Demo

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- Download from Steam


FM 2011 Demo information

According to this official information everybody will be able to download FM 2011 demo this Friday or even Thursday (day earlier option for MirrorFootball site readers)! The demo will allow to play half of season in the championships of any following countries:

- England

- Scotland

- Italy

- France

- Spain

- Portugal

- Norway

- Sweden

- Denmark 

- Brazil

- Argentina

- Chile

It means each of you will be able to play 12 half seasons in different countries if it’s interesting for you. Anticipating your questions I should admit that I don’t possess an information about ability to continue a demo game in FM 11 release. Though I’m sure at 90% approximately that this feature will be supported as usually.

Author: Vitaliy

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