Thursday, 7 October 2010

FM 2011: Player interaction, Match analysis, League rules

FM 2011 new features

Miles Jacobson continues his blog at “Mirror Football” making quite long text posts regarding new FM 2011 features. I would like to sum up some of his last announcements and single out the most interesting facts about Football Manager 2011.


Player and board interaction improvements

Interaction system is now more “conversational” in Football Manager 2011. You can talk with players, board, staff about different topics at the same time getting instant responses instead of waiting for them. It’s really nice new feature as for me because we will have live talks with our players Big Hug

There will be different levels of player unhappiness. Player will be able to go public with his problems. He may even reject talking with you at all if he is very angry. Moreover, friends of unhappy footballer can become unhappy too!

Here are some new topics of player interaction:

- Explanation why you moved a player to reserve squad.

- Warning to youth players: “If you don’t play and train better you’ll not get a contract”.

- Commenting training performance of every player.

- Warn a player of getting transfer listed due to poor performance.

- Ask a player to be less open talking with public media.

Board interaction is also widened. You will be able to ask a board to:

- expand quantity of staff allowed at the club

- increase % of transfer income going into the transfer budget Thumbs-up

- buy a council owned stadium

- build a youth academy


You may also read more new FM 2011 features in staff interaction and manager mind games areas in this post.


Match analysis new screens

- Heat map of average positions for every player. You will see were your player spent most of time on a pitch Applause

- Clear-cut chances, half-chances, throw-ins, corners, free kicks…

- Screens with whole team statistics on a pitch not only individual.


More league and squad rules

- England. Squad numbers and registration are separated. You can give squad numbers after registration.

- Title playoff in Turkish league when two top teams have equal amount of points.

- Web link that explains what countries were colonised by France. Players from those countries are not considered as foreign ones in French leagues.

- Reworked B-teams.

Author: Vitaliy

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