Friday, 1 October 2010

FM 2011: Media, news and social features

FM 2011 features

This year Miles Jacobson continued his blogs on Mirror Football site. During last days he uncovered a lot of information about Football Manager 2011. I will try to share it with you, my dear readers.


Press conferences

Press conferences is one of the most weird FM 2010 features. A lot of people hate it, some love to use. I am not a fan of this feature frankly speaking and always use assistant manager.

Predictably press conferences are enhanced in FM 2011. Here is the list of improvements:

- 100 new questions added

- We will be able to answer questions with one click! They said ‘no’ to ‘Confirm’ button! It can influence much on my opinion regarding press conferences I suppose Thinking

- New system that creates question set is much smarter. It reacts on many new actions in a game.

- Full set of new questions can be found here.


News + mail integration

Here I am citing Miles:

A couple of years ago we made a decision to split the news about your team, and about other teams, in two. The decision was made as there was so much going on in the world that people playing it might complain about becoming lost.

The approach we took was wrong. It led to people knowing everything about their clubs, but unless they really took notice, they didn't know what was going on elsewhere.

Default game settings will allow you receiving news about your own league. Additionally there will be perceptibly improved subscription system with high configurability.

More news features

- More varied goal descriptions and better descriptions of player performances for post match reports.

- New news item to show when players are about to trigger contract clauses or their contracts are running down.

- More information on why someone has been sacked, or why you've been sacked (!) in the news item.

- A fortnightly competition round-up highlighting statistics such as scoring and assist charts, man of the match charts and other bits and pieces to keep you in touch with the world around you.  Big Hug

- News items when shock transfers are made, such as a player or manager dropping a couple of divisions.

- A season expectations review from your board to let you know how they think you've done in the last season.  Applause

- Player debut news items.

- Improved news items regarding major finals to give them the build up that they get in the real world.

- Squad number reaction news, where the press react and comment on squad number allocation and situations where players have not been registered in a squad.

- A yearly training round-up which goes nicely with the new training system in Football Manager 2011. Thumbs-up


Social media

One of the greatest promised enhancements is opportunity to upload videos made by FM 11 Match Engine to Youtube. This feature can be useful for me as a blog writer! It will allow to share videos of my matches with you!

There will also be an integration with Twitter: managers will be able to setup automatic updates of achievements.


In the end I am happy to inform that around 400 new features will be released in FM 2011.

Author: Vitaliy

Playing Football Manager since 1996. Blogging about it since 2007.