Sunday, 17 October 2010

3D Match View in Football Manager 2011

There are a lot of enhancements actually. At first I would like to cite Miles Jacobson regarding system requirements to video cards:

“There are loads of optimisations in there which make it look a lot smoother, and despite all the extra bells and whistles, if you were able to watch in 3D in Football Manager 2010 then it’ll still work fine with Football Manager 2011 too (as will all other parts of the game) as the minimum computer spec needed is the same as last year.”

Really great news! Party 

Here you can see all graphics options in Football Manager 2011:


Additionally I can emphasize on the following 3D Match View improvements:

- More than 100 new animations including a lot of new nice ball touches, emotions and ball celebrations by players.

- Players models revamped. They differ much depending on graphics detail mode you choose due to performance optimisation.

- Offside lines! It will be like on TV: every offside is decorated with line during replay showing us whether referee made a mistake.

- Better crowd models, lighting effects, weather conditions. By the way weather will be changing during a match.

- New TV camera angle. I should say I like it! It’s more zoomed to actions around a ball. So we get fresh close view of ball control by players:

TV camera angle in Football Manager 2011


- You will be able to set another camera angle for replays of goals or dangerous moments:

Camera for replays in Football Manager 2011


- More fluent split screen mode with 3D match view support. You will be able move splitter deciding size of screen parts:

Split screen mode in FM 2011


- Quick tactics is better placed:

Quick tactics button in Football Manager 2011 


In the end I can say that I love this game already!

Author: Vitaliy

Playing Football Manager since 1996. Blogging about it since 2007.