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My new FM 2010 tactics

Trying to find a good FM 2013 tactics? Here I have an original tactical approach which includes 3 efficient Football Manager 2013 tactics. Check it out!


New FM 2010 tactics
Perhaps you read the post about Leeds United tactics earlier and could even use it in your game… Now as I promised I’m sharing my second FM 2010 tactics used successfully for national team of Northern Ireland in my game.
Georgia – Northern Ireland  0:2
Northern Ireland – Denmark 2:0
Northern Ireland – Portugal 1:1 (with one red card for my player on the 72th minute)
All these results where achieved with current FM 2010 tactics which you can download using the following link:

Download FM 2010 tactics

Team instructions

Team instructions for FM 2010 tactics
5 defenders and 3 central midfielders should prompt you the tactics is oriented at playing through the pitch middle. That’s what Focus Passing instruction is set to.  I want you also to pay attention at Rigid Philsophy and Disciplined Creative Freedom. These two instructions mean team will be playing more academic football with low amount of unpredictable actions. It’s absolutely opposite style to my Leeds United tactics where fluid philosophy is propagandized.

Individual instructions


Goalkeeper instructions for FM 2010 tactics
Quick Throw allows to avoid loosing ball that happens often after Long Kick (another Distribution option). I suggest you to use this setting always when you try to set up football style with high percent of ball control.

Left/Right defenders

 Left/right defenders instructions for FM 2010 tactics
Wing backs who support attacks from time to time distracting one opponent player to the flank. They give more space for central midfielders and forwards to attack through the middle.

Left/Right central defenders

DLC and DRC instructions for FM 2010 tactics
Pure central defenders with Limited Defender Role. They are targeted to tackle ball and win headers.

Central defender

 Central defender instructions for FM 2010 tactics
Central defender should have abilities to make good accurate passes often.

Left/Right central midfielders

MLC and MRC instructions for FM 2010 tactics
Attack supporters with Hard ball tackling. Such MLC and MRC work very nice I want you to say. Their current Duty makes them to join attacks very often when my Northern Ireland controls a ball.

Central midfielder

Central midfielder instructions for FM 2010 tactics
Playmaker typed midfielder who thinks about ball distribution directions often. Normally he has 3 attacking cases where he make a pass:
- wing backs
- MLC and MRC who run forward
- forwards


Left central forward

Left forward instructions for FM 2010 tactics
“Run and score” guy has to be used at this position. Northern Ireland team has a lot of guys with decent speed and finishing. It would also be great if such player had cool dribbling skills…

Right central forward

Right forward instructions for FM 2010 tactics
Deep Lying Forward. Sometimes he is useful to connect midfield and attack when all midfielders are afraid to go forward.

So this is how my new FM 2010 tactics looks. By the way I didn’t try to use Counter Attack strategy and can only say that Control works better than Standard. So it’s up to you to check out this tactics and try playing with different strategies. Hope you’ll like it!
In the end I want to congratulate national team of Spain with their historical first victory! World Cup 2010… It’s sad that it’s over… Though next destination point is Euro-2012 that will be held in my native Ukraine and Poland.
Here is the brilliant video clip of Shakira with her World Cup 2010 official song “Waka Waka”:
It must be watched because:
- it contains a lot memorable moments from previous World Cups and many football stars in the video
- it was watched by almost 100 million people!
- Shakira is one of the best singers in the world (though it’s just my opinion hereHappy)

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