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FM 2010: How to find good players?

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First of all I would like to say that yesterday’s quarterfinals were absolutely fantastic. Especially Uruguay – Ghana. Therefore I want to devote this post to all players of teams that got to the World Cup quarterfinals. Here are few photos of them from Football Manager 2010 because this post is about good players:
Wesley Snejder in Football Manager 2010  Ramires in Football Manager 2010 Andre Ayew in Football Manager 2010 Luis Suarez in Football Manager 2010
Sami Khedira in Football Manager 2010  Angel Di Maria in Football Manager 2010 Nelson Valdez in Football Manager 2010  Juan Manuel Mata in Football Manager 2010

“How do you find good players in Football Manager 2010?” – some of you ask me from time to time. Sure you may use one of these links on my players’ posts as easy solution to this question:
- Wonderkids List
- Free players
But I think it’s time for a concrete answer that will really help you to find good players by yourself. I use the following methods:


The most quick method actually. You don’t need to spend much time, just indicate your scouts different world regions/countries and tournaments to observe. Some hints for you regarding scouts usages:
- Try to have maximal amount of scouts allowed by your club board.
- Sign scouts having expertises in absolutely different countries.

Players search

I prefer to use Players search functionality when it’s necessary to buy a player from transfer list or sign him on free. Moreover it can be helpful to create some special search filters to find a player among those whose attribute values are not hidden at current moment. There can be an interesting trick with player search:
1. Create a filter for some concrete position (let’s say DC, for example).
2. Choose view “Mental”.
3. Sort by Anticipation and look through first 20 players.
4. Sort by Concentration and look through first 20 players.
5,6,7…. and so on for each attribute important for DC.
This method helps much. It’s really better than simple filters by attributes because you loose good players having values less by 1 or 2 than your limits.

Discovering U21 national teams

Tedious but prospective approach to find good youngsters. Just go and checkout every more or less competitive national team manually. Player by player.

In the end I would like to notice these 3 methods are enough for me. And of course I don’t use Database Editor and some FM tools like Genius Scout. Just because I am sure it spoils all pleasure from playing Football Manager 2010. If you want to get a real delight from FM 2010 use only functions present in the game itself without any other programs.
And now it’s time to ask you: what player search methods do you use? May be your method will be helpful to me.

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