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Football Manager 2011

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Discussion of future FM 2011 features we want

Football Manager 2011
As you know the last FM 2010 patch (10.3) was released in the very beginning of March. All of us had already some experience with this version of Football Manager 2010, and now we can start a discussion about Football Manager 2011. Well, there is a half of year to think over new features. Don’t forget also that some of our thoughts here can be taken into account by Sports Interactive development team.
OK, here are some enhancements I would like to see in Football Manager 2011:
- Fix animation bugs in 3D pitch mode. There are still some unrealistic player movements.
- Increase 3D match view performance for low-level video cards. Cool to have an option to disable rendering of substitution benches!
- Get licence for national team of Germany (I don’t like to use fake files to solve such kind of problems Happy).
- Think over and remake ‘Press conferences’ feature. They are too boring now, I always send Assistant Manager.
- I would like to see total player statistics of all seasons (not only one current season): won headers, goals/shots, accurate passes and so on Day dreaming
- The same history would be good for training progress of my players. I would like to see it for all period when player is in my team (not just 12 months).
- More interaction with fans.
- It would be great to participate more in youth development and invest in youth academy somehow.
So you see I vote for evolutional changes in my FM 2011 ideas not revolutionary ones.
And what new features would you like to see in Football Manager 2011?

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