Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Football Manager 2010: Goals from Corners

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You should probably remember from the post First Premier League season came to the end that David Prieto (my DC) became the best Leeds scorer with 8 goals. Today I would like to tell how I achieved that amount of goals from corners in Football Manager 2010. It was a result of many experiments during the first two seasons. And I have to confess it was quite complicated to find efficient way to score goals from corners. I tested many cases and found one at last.
OK, here is my working scheme:
Football Manager 2010 Corners

Corner takers

- Set Corners in team instructions to Far Post.
- Left corner is taken by player possessing right foot.
- Right corner is taken by player possessing left foot.
- Any corner should be taken by player with high attribute values of Corners, Passing and Technics.
In my team right-footed Marco Verratti takes all left corners, left-footed Matty Taylor is really good at right corners.


Players awaiting for corner

Stand on Far Post
If I set Corners to Far Post it means that I should find a player who is the best in head usage. Normally it’s either target man forward or leading central defender. I find the one in Leeds – David Prieto. Therefore his corner instruction – Stand On Far Post. I will probably try to use Hangeland instead in the next season. He seems to be better in air.

Challenge Keeper
Challenge Keeper instruction should be set to player with good abilities in air as well. It’s also important for him to have high Aggression and Anticipation. He will do 3 things for you:
1. Distracting and hindering keeper.
2. Scoring goals at rebounds.
3. Scoring goals when corner taker is not accurate sometimes making weaker pass to far post than needed.
I rotate different defenders at this position in my Leeds. Still didn’t found the optimal one for it.

Attack Far Post
Here I use Andy Carroll or Marius Niculae here. They both perform as left-central forwards with Target Man role. They are really able to score using head and it happens sometimes. I think strong attacking forward is the best at this corner position if pass goes to the far post.

Lurk Outside Area
Do you see player #7 on my screen? He has ‘Lurk Outside Area’ setting. He is best in Long Shots in my team. Well, you understand everything yourself. The only problem such kind of situation when opponent’s player didn’t mark him happens not often. But sometimes opponent team forgets about him and then long shot goal may be scored. It depends much on players technique, Long Shots attribute and ‘Shoot with Power’, ‘Shoots from Distance’ preferred moves.

Hope these corner hints will be helpful for you, my dear readers! Happy

Author: Vitaliy

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