Saturday, 13 February 2010

Football Manager 2011 Sites

Complete Football Manager 2011 site list is available here: All FM 2011 Sites


It was a time 3-5 years ago  when I was an active participator of the web FM community making discussions in forums and downloading graphics files for my Football Manager. Since the time I had started this blog I concentrated on it almost completely. Now I am pretty rare visitor of other Football Manager 2011 sites. So I decided it will be interesting for me and you, dear readers, to make some kind of FM scene review.

Today I would like to present you the best Football Manager sites divided into distinct categories.



Tactics - best FM 2010 about tactics

1. FM-Britain

They are “Number One” in discussions of tactical approaches and FM tactics analysis. Once a month I visit the site seeking for an interesting and useful article. For instance, I like this one – Building your defence: Centre Backs.  Additionally, one of the most helpful things that you can find at is Tactical Theorems ‘10 ebook. It’s really worth reading!

2. FM-Base



Sports Interactive Community 

1. Sports Interactive Community

The most visited Football Manager forums. Just because it’s the website of Sports Interactive – developers of our favourite game Happy Normally you will get a fine answer on any your FM question there.

2. Los Wonderkids

3. FM Base


5. The Away Stand

6. FM Fanboys

7. The Dugout

8. FM Discussion

9. FM Formation



Football Manager Story

1. Football Manager Story

Well-styled blog containing many several quite interesting FM stories. The most significant thing is that those FM stories are often updated.

2. FM Pundit

2. Aid The Boss

4. fmstory

5. FM Addicted

6. All That Is Football Manager

7. The Footy Manager


Graphics (facepacks, kits, logos, skins)


1. SortItOutsi

I gave SortItOutsi the first place in this rating because their great facepack containing more than 55000 photos of players and staff.

2. FM-Base (Game Addons section)

3. Los Wonderkids (Gallery)

4. FM Scout (Download)

5. FM Fanboys (Downloads)


Players, Wonderkids, Coaches

Los Wonderkids

1. Los Wonderkids (FM Database)

I’ve just encountered their FM database and have to say that it’s a very good job. I think I can find some new youngsters for my wonderkids list there.

2. Football Manager Wiki (Player profiles)

3. The Away Stand (The perfect staff room)

4. Football Manager Mad


Football Manager Software


1. FM Genie Scout

The popular only savegame compatible scout utility returns for Football Manager 2010. It’s very helpful program if you don’t like to spend time seeking for players using only Football Manager 2010. By the way I don’t use FM Genie Scout because it would break realism of game play for me.

2. FM coach calculator

3. FM Graphics Guru

Author: Vitaliy

Playing Football Manager since 1996. Blogging about it since 2007.